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Welcome to Scrap Metal Pricer (SMP), where data meets dedication in the heart of Brownsburg, Indiana. Transitioning from our well-known blog, we’ve evolved into a full-fledged local scrap yard and data company

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist residents and businesses by offering the most current scrap metal prices and educating new traders in the industry. We’re not just a scrap yard; we’re your local partner in the metal trading world.

Global Strategy

Our commitment to providing accurate and comprehensive scrap metal prices extends across the globe, as we collaborate closely with a network of trusted scrap yards in Canada, South Africa, and Australia.

Our Core Strategy

By partnering with local scrap yards, we’re able to gather a wide range of data and listings, ensuring that the information we provide reflects real-time market conditions and regional specifics

We we are more than just a Scrap Yard !!

New to scrap metal or looking to refine your operations? Our expert team offers personalized consultations to guide you through the intricacies of the scrap market


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How We Work For You?

We are more than a business; we are part of the community.

How do you ensure the scrap metal prices are up-to-date and accurate?

We partner with local scrap yards and utilize real-time market data to provide the most current and accurate prices for various metals. Our team continually monitors the market trends and updates the prices regularly to ensure you have access to reliable information for making informed trading decisions.

What types of metals do you accept, and how is the pricing determined?

We accept a wide range of metals including but not limited to copper, aluminum, steel, and brass. The pricing is determined based on current market rates, metal purity, and weight. We strive to offer competitive pricing and transparent transactions, ensuring you receive fair value for your scrap metal.

Can beginners in scrap metal trading get assistance or training from your company?

Absolutely! We’re committed to educating and assisting individuals who are new to scrap metal trading. Our Education Center offers articles, guides, and market insights to help you understand the industry. Additionally, we conduct workshops and webinars where you can learn directly from experts and connect with other traders. We’re here to support you on your journey in the scrap metal business.”

We Offer Exclusive Services

Whether you’re new to the scene or looking to optimize your operations, we’re here to guide you.

01. Local Scrap Yard

Our yard in Brownsburg is equipped to handle a wide variety of metals. We offer competitive pricing, friendly service, and quick, transparent transactions.

02. Data Services:

We provide real-time pricing updates and market trends. Our extensive database is continuously updated to reflect the most accurate information

03. Education and Consultation

With a deep understanding of the scrap metal market, we provide educational resources and consultation services.

Our Latest Blog

Stay ahead of the curve with our ‘Latest Blog’ section, where we delve into the dynamic world of scrap metal trading. Our recent posts cover a range of topics, from insightful market analyses and price trend forecasts to practical guides on metal sorting and trading strategies