Top 10 Junk Yards in the US, and How to Sell Your Car for Cash



junk yards in the US

Are you searching for the biggest junk yards in the US to dispose off your old cars? Have you been wondering about ways to get money for that spoiled clunker in your driveway? After knowing the average junk car price in the US, it is essential to know these junkyards to get started!

There are some people who find junkyards ugly, but they’re also great places for car enthusiasts to get their hands on unique spare parts. However, junkyards actively seek out older cars for their parts rather than letting them sit in their lot collecting dust.

In the United States, most junkyards are small operations with only a few acres of land. Despite this, recycling is a $22 billion a year business in the United States. About 13 million vehicles are recycled in the United States each year.

Junkyards are being pushed out of towns and into more rural areas as a result of environmental regulations and changing land-use practices. Here are the top 10 Junk yards in the US and how you can sell your car for cash.

Top 10 Junk Yards In the US

1.  French Lake Auto Parts in Minnesota

For over half a century, French Lake Auto Parts has been serving the Minneapolis area. On any given day, up to 10,000 vehicles can be found in the scrapyard’s 100 acres of land.

These automobiles are ideal for restoration projects, as well as for recycling scrap metal and auto parts. All kinds of automobiles even those of ancient times can be found. French Lake Auto Parts is the place to go if you’re in the area and need a hard-to-find car part.


2. Turner’s Auto Wrecking in California

Founded in 1928, this Fresno scrapyard was featured in a photo series in Hot Rod magazine. Car enthusiasts from all over the country flock to Turner’s Auto Wrecking’s 100-acre collection of vintage cars and parts. If you are a car spare part specialist, you are sure to find even the rarest of parts in this unique junk yard. Turner’s area is also an ideal place to dispose of your old cars for cash.


3. Texas’ CTC Auto Ranch

Texas’s CTC Auto Ranch is located just north of Dallas in Denton, about an hour’s drive. When it comes to old muscle cars, this scrapyard is a go-to destination for many car enthusiasts in the United States.

Denton’s dry climate means that these rust-free old cars are ideal for restoration. CTC Auto Ranch has over 4,000 vehicles in stock, and the selection is constantly changing. The junkyard also sells sheet metal and auto parts in addition to their selection of salvageable vehicles.


4. Wildcat Auto Wrecking in Oregon

Wildcat Auto Wrecking is a junkyard in the US particularly Sandy, Oregon that specializes in Chrysler vehicles and parts. It’s the only junkyard in the Pacific Northwest dedicated to MoPars.

Wildcat Auto Wrecking has more than 800 vehicles in stock, many of which can be used for recycling into better vehicles. AS a car enthusiast, you can certainly find spare parts from as far back as 1970s. In addition, they stock nearly everything, from motors to glass to doors to bumpers and everything in between you are searching for! Wildcat is also a good place to sell your old cars for cash.


5. Old Car City in Georgia

From the name ‘Old car city”, you should already have a hint that this is one of the best junkyards in the US for selling old cars. The old car city is one of the most renowned junkyards with over 4,000 vehicles spread across 34 acres at Old Car City U.S.A. in White, Georgia.

Many high school seniors use the junkyard as a backdrop for their senior portraits, as well as for engagement photos and other special occasions. However, if you plan to photograph the property’s six miles of trails, the owner will charge you more.


6. All Bikes Salvage Yard in Arizona

All bikes salvage yard is one of the largest junkyards in US which boasts of thousands of old motorcycles and their parts. More than 9,000 motorcycles were destroyed in a fire that started on the property in June 2013. In addition, several mobile homes and a shed were damaged in a nearby trailer park. Though it reduced its value during that period, the junkyard is quickly heading back to its former glory of being one the best junkyards in the US for selling old cars.

7. Pinal Airpark in Arizona

In a sense, Pinal Airpark is a mausoleum for planes. Nearly every aircraft in this amazing junkyard has never taken to the skies. The junk yard has over a hundred brand-new planes that are waiting for a new owner.

Dozens of planes sit on the Arizona property in various states of decay, whether financing fell through or the buyer had no immediate use for them. Some of the planes, such as the 747s, may return to service at some point in the future. For the time being, they are resting in an “airplane cemetery.” Visitors can also take a tour of the junk yard.


8. Corvair Ranch in Pennsylvania

Your first thoughts may be of Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War when you hear or read “Gettysburg”. But you should also think of it as a Corvair fan’s paradise.

Nearly 700 Corvairs can be found at the junkyard, which hosts a wide variety of car bodies from various brands and models. Other services offered by the ranch include upholstery repair, painting, and maintenance as well as full engine remanufacturing.

This is also another good place to sell your old cars and spare parts for cash in the United states.


9. Steven’s Performance Salvage Yard in Alabama

Steven’s Performance Salvage Yard in Anderson, Alabama, is the place to go for all old car sales as well as other autos. There are hundreds of cars in this junkyard, the majority of which are Dodge Challengers and Chargers. You must visit the junkyard, which has been in business for more than 40 years if you’re planning to restore an old Dodge Charger from the 1960s.

However, if you are looking at selling off your old car, Steven’s performance salvage yard is also the way to go!


10. Mojave Air and Space Port in California

As a tourist attraction, the Mojave Air and Space Port attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each year. Multiple aircraft are parked for your viewing pleasure in addition to the airport. Although you may find plenty of airplanes, you can also find buyers for your old cars in the US.


Final Words on the Best Junk yards in the US

Getting rid of your old junk car is as easy as walking down the park! There are several junk yards in the US that you can find buyers who would pay you for that old scrap machine. Now you can go ahead and make an informed choice!

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2 years ago

The name of the article implies that you will tell the inexperienced car seller to the sell their car for cash. However, it does not do that. But, thank you for the top 10 U.S. junkyards.

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