Average Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices in the US



catalytic converter scrap prices in the US

If you want to know the average catalytic converter scrap prices in the US, then you are in the right guide!

Catalytic converters are an essential tool in the metal recycling field due to the numerous valuable metals it arrives with. For example, iron, manganese, copper, nickel, palladium, etc.

But how much does the average catalytic converter scrap prices in the US? Read on to know everything!

What is a Catalytic converter?

A Catalytic converter also known as Cat is a machine that is found in vehicles to majorly combat the emission of harmful gases. This machine reduces the amount of gases released into the surrounding from vehicles during fuel combustion.

They function in a vehicle’s exhaust system by controlling exhaust emissions coming out from the vehicle. Their mechanism of action is by using metals such as platinum and palladium which partake in chemical reactions to reduce harmful gases and make the environment less polluted.

Types of Catalytic converters

Now that the roles of catalytic converters are clear, there are 3 types you need to know before learning the catalytic converter scrap prices in the US.

1. Oxidation Catalyst

This type employs the oxidation of those harmful exhaust gases in order to reduce their effect in the environment. For example, carbon monoxide is a gas that combats with the body against incoming oxygen and is hence very dangerous. Oxidation catalyst converter then comes into play by oxidizing the gas and converting them into less harmful substances.

2. Double Red catalytic converter

This type provides more functionality in reducing harmful gases. It arrives with two elements in a row which perform separate functions. The first reduces the Nitrogen oxide gas emission while the second stage combines with harmful hydrocarbons converting them into less harmful substances.

3. Hydrogen Catalytic converter

This is the most effective type of catalytic converter that eliminates all contaminants of air. They’re mostly utilized in vehicles to elicit a particular emission that is not dangerous to the environment.

Average Catalyst converter scrap prices in the US

Before knowing the catalyst converter scrap prices in the US, there are some factors you should consider first. Firstly, the mechanical device arrives with three important metals; Platinum, palladium and Rhodium. And for a decent catalyst converter, there will be at least 3-8 grams of platinum.

Based on plenty of research, the average catalyst converter scrap prices in the US varies between $300 – $1500, and it all depends on the model and type of metals it arrives with.

Different catalyst converter scrap brands and their prices

Euro 4 high peform$60
Marble regal lacosse$80
Regular fre$100
Large Chrysler$100
Small flow$150
Foragh PRE$160
Low grade foreign$230
Standard domestic$230
High grade domestic$280
GM is worth$320
Foreign medium$390
Foreign small$300
Foreign large$490
BL thick pipe$350
SE high grade$870
Air tube$100
XL foreign$590
SE 5 line$340
SE 6 line$440
Jeep is worth$300- $600
Direct fit mitsibushi outlander 3$100
SE medium$390


High class catalyst converter scrap prices in the US

Ferrari$3000 -$4000
Lamborghini avenlador$3200
Dodge ram$3500
Ford F250$2800
Ford mustang$1500


Factors affecting the catalyst converter scrap prices in the US

The average price you can buy or sell a catalyst converter is not static and depend on a wide range of factors. Here are some to consider:

1. Metallic components

The average catalytic converter scrap prices in the US depend on the type of metals the machine contain. Generally, diesel converters cost less than others because they don’t have the precious metals like platinum, palladium and Rhodium that are in high demand.

2. Model

The model of your vehicle’s converter or the one you’re hoping to buy also play a role in their prices. For example, the Ferrari F430 sells for about $4000 while the Jeep is worth converter brand sells for an average of $500. The difference in price is based on the model of the car that the converter comes from.

3. Demand

The demand for catalytic converter affect its prices globally. During the pandemic, there was a drop in the demand for such scraps as most people were at home. This as expected caused a decline in the demand for such scrap and caused their prices to drop significantly. However, the prices are steadily getting back to normal.

Which type of cars have the most expensive catalytic converters?

Like we said earlier, the average catalytic converter scrap prices in the US depend on the type of car its is coming from. The most expensive in this range is the Ferrari F450 model which sells for within $3000 – $4000 averagely.

Conclusion on the catalytic converter scrap prices in the US

Have you been wondering how to get cash for that old car of yours? One way is by selling the parts in a junk yard sale which includes selling its catalyst converter as scrap. This article have provided the average prices you can buy or sell yours and the factors affecting the price range.

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