Places that buy Junk Cars in the US



Do you want to know places that buy junk cars in the US? Are you tired of that old vehicle in your driveway and hoping to get a few bucks off selling it?

Have you been searching for junk yards around you to sell old cars and vehicles? Then worry no more as this guide will detail all you need to know!

What is a Junk Car?

Cars and vehicles, like any material, can be damaged and useless. Sometimes, cars get into accidents and are way beyond recognition. In this scenario, the car is referred to as a junk car.

A junk car is a vehicle that is damaged, not working properly, and can be parted into units and sold as scrap.

Instead of leaving the old car to remain and contributing to land pollution, you can sell it as scrap to buyers around you in the United States.

How to Sell your junk car for cash

There are numerous ways to get cash for your old car. Here are some of them;

1. Sell by breaking into parts

The auto recycling industry is a billion-dollar business in the United States. There are numerous people involved in recycling vehicles and as such require spare parts to build a completely furnished vehicle.

So another way to sell your car for cash is by parting it into units and selling by parts. For example, you can remove the center console, CD radio unit, wheels, tires, battery, and catalytic converter, and sell them separately for cash.

However, ensure you have good knowledge of car parts or you could tow it to an auto dismantler to do the job for you.

2. Sell through Junkyard

Junkyards are another method to sell your car for cash. They offer services ranging from car towing to dismantling and then buying of junk cars. Ensure to go through this guide to get places that buy junk cars for cash in the US to get a full list of places closest to you.

3. Sell your car by scrap

Scrap metals are super valuable in the recycling industry as they’re used to produce new machines. Your car contains many metals like steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

If your car parts don’t have valuable spare parts, one way to get cars off them is by selling it as scrap. The worth of your car will then depend on the weight of the scrap metal.

4. Use online platforms

There are numerous websites that are of the places that buy junk cars for cash in the US. However, ensure to make research to find genuine platforms to sell your car.

Places that Buy junk cars for cash in the US

Here is a list of some places that buy junk cars for cash in the US. However, understand that it is quite impossible to detail all here due to the large number of junkyards in the US.

Junk yard in the USAddress
USjunkcars.com2901 Stirling Rd, Fort, Lauderdale, FL 33312, US.
Sell us your car AZ3013 S 44th street, Phoenix AZ 85040, US.
More cash for junk cars, Atlanta, Georgia8097 Roswell Rd, suite 104, Sandry springs, GA 30350, US.
I buy junk cars- Cash for junk cars Phoenix, Arizona2204 W Filmore street, Phoenix, AZ 85009, US.
Junk cars for cash St. Louis, Missouri3448 Morgan ford Rd, St. Louis, MO 63116, US.
Junk car cash, New jersey210 park pl, city of orange, NJ 07050, US.
Junk car buyers-R-US  Houston, Texas3842 Pinemont drive, Houston, TX 77018, US.
Junk cars for cash, Charlette, North carolina1218 Industrial drive, Matthews, NC 28105, US.
Cash for junk cars, Kansas city6101 Kansas ave suite, 208, Kansas city, KS 66111, US.
Colorado junk cars, colorado7470 Cherry st, Commerce city, CO 80022
Cash for cars, Los angeles8423 S alameda street, Los angeles, CA 90001, US.
Junk yard Dog- Cash for junk cars716 NW 6th avenue, Fort lauderdale, FL 33311, US.
Cash junk cars 1 Inc3675 NW 19th st, Lauderdale, Lakes, FL 33311, US.


How to know places that buy junk cars in the US

There are thousands of junkyards that buy scrap cars in the US such that we can’t possibly list all of them here. Then how do you know the places that buy junk cars in the US? Good question!

Using online platforms. is a good platform that gives you a list of all junkyards in the US. You simply need to input your location and state, and then you can find all the nearest places that buy junk cars in the US.


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