Scrap Aluminum Rims Prices (An Ultimate Guide)



The scrap aluminum rims prices is what you must know before heading to the scrap yard. If you’ve gone to junkyards, you’d know this: selling an old car can be by scrap or by parts.

Selling as scrap measures the value of the metals; the steel, iron, aluminum, etc. However when you sell by parts you get more cash off it. Do you have aluminum rims to sell? Here’s a guide about the latest scrap aluminum rims prices as well as how to sell them.

What are Aluminum rims?

A wheel –be it from cars or motorcycles- are made up of different parts; the central disc, tires and rim. The rim is the inner part and backbone of the wheel that keeps it in place. It usually has a center that attaches to the car’s disc.

There are different kinds of rim depending on the type of metal used in producing them. There’s the iron/steel and aluminum alloy but today’s focus is on the scrap aluminum rims prices.

What is the Latest Scrap Aluminum Rims Prices?

The scrap aluminum rims prices ranges from $0.40 – $0.95 with an average of $0.68 per pound. So the price you get off scrapping your old rims depend on its weight and condition. Averagely, one scrap aluminum rim weighs 19.05lbs so with the prices at $0.88, they are worth $13 each. If you have four or more, you will certainly get more cash off selling.

Where to find aluminum rims

If you have an old car in your garage, you can get rid of them easily by selling them by parts starting with the rims. However, if you have a large collection of rims you should seek for a scrap collection service. They would arrive at your location with their trucks and pick them to their yard.

Always ensure that you remove all other parts of the wheel before going to the scrap yard. Furthermore, call or contact the services of the scrap yard you’re intending to sell to know their scrap aluminum rims prices before you head to their shop.

Asides cars, here are other vehicles to find aluminum rims:

  • Motorcycles
  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • Bikes
  • Large operating machines
  • ATVs

How to scrap aluminum rims

1. Get necessary equipment

There are things to do before selling your car for cash. Leaving the tires on your rims reduces its price value except you want to sell them wholly as used tires. The first step to scrapping your old aluminum rims is to get rid of the tire. You can do this by hiring a car professional which might be more costly since you want to get cash off selling. The most ideal option is to do it yourself.

Firstly, get the equipment you’d be needing. For example, long demolition blade, safety glasses, gloves, Sawzall. Then follow the remaining steps to get the rims out.

2. Check the rim type

Before a scrap yard can determine the scrap aluminum rims prices, they will need to know the type. You can do this yourself before reaching out to them by simply using a magnet.

If you place the magnet near to the rim and get a magnetic force of attraction, then it is a steel rim type. However, it is an aluminum rim if there’s no attraction. Aluminum rims are not magnetic in nature except it is an aluminum alloy. The scrap yards will provide more information about the model.

Next you should measure the diameter and weight. If your rim is a 16”, then its weight should be around 16-22 pounds.

3. Take off the rim weight

There are some clips that attach the rims to the tires. Ensure to take them off before you sell them. An easy way to do this is with a pair of pliers. When you rip them off, you are certain to get good cash for your rim when you sell each parts differently.

4. Remove air from tires

Before taking the rims off the wheel, it is advisable you let the air out. Do this easily with a needle nose pliers and press the tire’s valve stem to evacuate the air inside. Keep pressing the valve till there’s no air remaining inside the tire. Now it is time to cut.

5. Cut the tire

Finally, it’s time to cut through the tire. You can do this with any tool you want but most common ones are the long demolition blade or Sawzall. Start from one end and cut through till you reach the rim. When you’ve done this, the tire will be loose from the rim. However, remember to remove the valve stem as you can sell them separately for cash ranging $10 – $60 for 4.

6. Proceed to the scrap yard

Now you’ve done the good work by getting the rim off the wheel, you should proceed to the scrap yard to sell them.

Conclusion on the Scrap aluminum rim prices

Do not let your old car tires waste. You can get good cash by selling them off. However, ensure you know the scrap aluminum rim prices and clean them properly before heading to the yard.

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The sheep u think you your fibbing too.
The sheep u think you your fibbing too.
1 year ago

Seriously!!! Ill give you valve stems for a third of what youve appraised them at…when and where…lmao

Matt M
Matt M
1 year ago

He’s probably talking about the metal screw in valves, not the crappy rubber ones. Also, the $10-$60 each is if there’s a “Tire Pressure Monitoring Device” or “TPMS,” which is a module for communicating each tires real time pressure, to the cars ECM device, then to the dash or HUD where the driver can see the current pressure . Pot Holes often damage these little modules, and they’re not cheap from any manufacturer I’ve dealt with. Depending on the TPMS level of tech, you’re looking at $60-$200 a piece to replace each one. Also, a good thing to keep in mind. If your vehicle has a full size spare, it will also have a device in it, so if you are getting a low pressure indicator, but all your tires on the vehicle are reading correctly, first check to see if you have a full size spare that has slowly lost a few PSI over the years and will illuminate the low pressure indicator light. Hope this helps someone!

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