Scrap Metal Price Update August 2022



Scrap Metal Prices in Lancaster, PA

This update is from Sahd Metal Recycling and it’s for August 2022. We intend to be sharing price changes as frequently as possible, especially if the price movements are very significant.

Current Prices:

Cast Iron Rotors: .09Aluminum Extrusion: .60
Prepared Steel: .08Aluminum Cans: .45
Unprepared Steel: .07Aluminum Siding: $.45
Lite Iron: .06Aluminum: .28
Machinery: .05Mixed Aluminum: .28
Loose Wire: No Value
Stainless SteelCopper
Stainless Steel: .30Bare Brite Copper: 2.95
Lead#1 Copper: 2.80
Lead: $0.25#2 Copper: 2.60
Lead Batteries: $.08Sheet Copper: 2.05
Lead Wheel Weights: $0.09
Copper Alum Radiators: 1.15
Insulated Copper Wire: 1.05
Insulated Copper Wire #1: 1.60
Electric Motors: .11
Brass: 1.65


How Scrap Metals are Priced

The prices of metals in the US can be affected by a number of factors, including global supply and demand, the strength of the US economy, and geopolitical factors. When there is high demand for metals globally, prices tend to increase.

Similarly, when there is strong economic growth in the US, this also tends to drive up metal prices. However, geopolitical factors can also have a significant impact on metal prices. For example, if there is political unrest in a major producing country, this can lead to disruptions in the supply of metals, and prices may increase as a result.

Non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum prices, copper prices, brass prices, and stainless steel prices experience a daily change.

Sahd Metal Recycling commercial recycling program customers have a formula percentage for their metals that is applied to dynamic live pricing.  Metals are priced on the London Metal Exchange and stream on

See: Listed below are today’s prices for selling your scrap metal on


Carbide Inserts / Shapes$5.00 / Lb
Monel$4.50 / Lb
FSX 414$5.00 / Lb
Titanium$0.25 / Lb
Nickel$4.50 / Lb
Inconel$4.50 / Lb
Hastelloy Solids$5.25 / Lb
Tantalum$8.00 / Lb



Thermal Extrusion$0.50 / Lb
Litho Plate$0.78 / Lb
Road Signs (reflective tape)$0.47 / Lb
Sheet$0.50 / Lb
Painted Siding$0.52 / Lb
MLC Clip Clean$0.48 / Lb
MLC Clip Painted$0.43 / Lb
Extrusion Painted$0.75 / Lb
Extrusion Clean 6063$0.75 / Lb
6061 sheet/plate/clip solids$0.52 / Lb
Cast Aluminum$0.42 / Lb
Aluminum 5052$0.47 / Lb
Cans UBC$0.00 / Lb

Aluminum Wire

EC Wire$0.81 / Lb
ASCR Wire$0.34 / Lb
Insulated Aluminum$0.34 / Lb


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