Montgomery County Recycling Center Review



Environmental pollution is a major contributor to climatic change and uncomfortable living conditions. When people do not dispose refuse properly, they can pollute the land and cause lots of problems. However, with recycling and reusing, people are now helping the environment.

Montgomery county recycling center is an excellent recycling facility in Maryland that helps the environment by recycling different kinds of materials. They also encourage people to reduce and reuse their products.

In this guide, you’ll learn about Montgomery county recycling center, their services, address, telephone and a general review about their company.


  • Address: 16105 Frederick Road, Derwood, MD 20855
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday (9am-2pm)
  • Telephone: +1 240-777-0311


If you have scrap metals like copper, aluminum or metallic household appliances, then bring it to the Montgomery recycling center. They are a proficient place to drop your old materials.

According to data supplied by the Maryland Department of the Environment, Montgomery County’s recycling rate of 58.94 percent of solid garbage created is the highest of any county in Maryland (MDE).

Since its founding in 1991, the Montgomery County Recycling Center has hosted thousands of tours for local students and other visitors interested in learning more about the recycling process and its many advantages. The amount of money brought in is usually more than enough to cover the costs of doing business.

However, the Recycling Center’s significance to the community stems not just from its quantitative metrics but also from the facility’s commitment to service and dedication to continuous development.


1. Scrap metal collection

One of the major services by Montgomery county recycling is the collection of scrap metals. They accept all ferrous and non-ferrous metals like copper, iron, aluminum, zinc, brass, etc. They also accept catalytic converters, junk cars and just any equipment having metallic components in them.

2. Facility tour

The Montgomery county recycling center allows residents both near and beyond to tour their facility. They allow people to book their appointments using their website. Acceptable times are from Monday to Friday at 9am-2pm.

During this period, there will be two groups consisting of adults 18 years and above, and minors in grades K-12. They recommend that minors come with chaperon who’d be with them throughout the tour.

3. House recycling

If you have bulk trash and want to dispose them off, the Montgomery facility is your go-to yard. Since their goal is to help the environment, they’re committed to help you recycling materials from your house. They collect bulk trash, scrap metals and compost bins directly from your house.

4. Business Recycling

Montgomery county recycling also helps businesses by filing their annual recycling report. They provide reusable bins at workplaces to help companies tackle waste pollution and help the environment.

5. Volunteering program

For individuals who are enthusiastic about positive environmental changes, Montgomery recycling offers volunteering programs to ignite such changes. Their website has all resources for anyone to join the program, keep up with the events calendar, read recycletter and explore volunteering opportunities.

6. Environmental footprint calculator

Most companies release a lot of carbon footprint which is dangerous to the environment. Most times, they’re not properly tracking their wastes and seeking means to reduce them. With Montgomery county recycling, your company can estimate its environmental footprint. Their website makes it easier by just inputing the amount in pounds of mixed paper, commingled materials, scrap metals and electronics.

Final words on Montgomery county recycling center

Maintaining sanity in the environment is not the responsibility of government alone, individuals and businesses need to learn how to recycle properly using the tons of facilities around. The Montgomery county recycling center in Maryland is a perfect example.

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