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Knowing the actual aluminum can recycling prices in the US is very essential if you have a bunch of scrap aluminium and wanting to sell them.

Or are you a consumer who wants to buy scrap aluminum to partake in the million dollar recycling business in the United states?

This is your detailed guide to know how to buy or sell your aluminum scrap for cash and also the average prices for them!

What is the Average Aluminum recycling prices in the US?

The cost of aluminum can scrap depends on the weight and quantity you are hoping to sell. Averagely, 1 pound of scrap aluminum can cost about 50 cents.

It can go as low as 5 cents and as high as $2 depending on the type of scrap and the place you sell it.

How many cans do I need to sell for one Pound?

Have you been wondering how many cans can make up a pound? Avergaely, it will cost you about 30 aluminum cans to make one pound. Although the weight varies depending on the brand of aluminum.

So on the average having 50 cents per pound for aluminum prices, that will be about 1.6 cents. Therefore, 1000 cans will cost about $1.6.

Where to find Aluminum can scrap

Aluminum cans are all around you once you start looking for them.

Recycling aluminum cans for money is an excellent way to save money if you drink a lot of beverages from cans.

1. Your Office

If you work in an office or other shared space, keep an eye out for shared recycling bins. If your office has a vending machine or beverage refrigerator, the break room is a prime location for discarded cans.

You might be surprised at how lucrative the carbonated beverage habits of your thirsty coworkers can be.

2. Parks in the vicinity of your home

We hope there are plenty of recycling bins in your local parks. These are excellent locations for collecting aluminum cans.

Even if you’re careful, you might come across sugary, sticky containers or non-recyclable scraps that have been tossed into the wrong bin. Bring gloves or hand sanitizer.

3. Concerts that take place outside.

Check out any outdoor concert or event venue. In addition to the recycling bins, look around the property for discarded cans and other recyclables. While having a good time in fields and parking lots, concert-goers are prone to hurling their empties everywhere.

Thousands of people flock to a single location for a festival, which can last for days at a time. Empty bottles and cans can be picked up from grasses and picnic tables at the end of the day or in the morning.

Look for free events instead of spending all of your money on a multi-day ticket. That’s fine if you’re going anyway. Suppose you’re out and about with your collection bag as the crowds disperse following the conclusion of a parade.

4. Relatives and Friends

Returnable cans can also be obtained from family and friends. Instead of them having to deal with the hassle, you can help them out and split the profits.

You could even set up a route to collect cans for them once or twice a month, stopping at the homes of family and friends along the way. The time you save by not having to dig through public trash cans when you get bulk returns is time well spent.

Video: The world consumes a mind-blowing 4 billion cans of soft drinks made of recycled aluminum every week. See how it’s done.

Factors that affect Aluminum can recycling prices in the US

The aluminum can recycling prices in the US is not the same in all states. It varies with season. However, what factors determine how high or low you get to sell your aluminum can scrap? Here are they;

1. Quality

There are different brands of aluminum can. Some Beer cans for example cost more than others because of the quality of production. So, the quality of your aluminum can scrap that you want to sell will determine how much you’d sell it.

2. Supply and demand

The rule of supply and demand doesnt only happen in economics, it also plays role in the scrap metal recycling business! If aluminum can scrap is in high demand and low supply, its price will be higher than other metals that are in low demand.

For more profits, you should be fully aware of market trends. If the prices are quite low for you to sell, then wait for a period when it would be in trend and sell higher.

3. Location

Another factor that affects the aluminum can recycling prices in the US is the location. Some states in the US buy aluminum can scrap higher than others. It all depends on the demand in that state at that particular time.

Final words on the average aluminum can recycling prices in the US

Don’t waste the opportunity of getting cash for your aluminum can scrap. You can sell them for some cash. What about the prices? We have given the full details in this guide! Now go ahead and make an informed choice!

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