Sydney Scrap Metal and Copper Prices per Kilo

Sydney, Australia, boasts a robust scrap metal industry that contributes significantly to environmental sustainability, waste management, and economic stimulation, but what is a major disadvantage of environmental science? This industry processes a diverse range of scrap metals, including copper, aluminium, steel, iron, and brass. In this article, we delve into the current prices of these scrap metals in Sydney.

Sydney Australia Map
Sydney Australia Map

Scrap prices are based on the leading prices traded on the London Metal Exchange (LME), the world’s center for non-ferrous metals trading.

The price of scrap metal is determined according to what type it is and in what condition it is metal. It is difficult to provide an exact number until scrap metal is found, weighed, and classified.

What Sort of Metals Can Be Recycled?

 All Aluminium Articles All Brass Ware
 Castings (Machine & Engines) Bronze Bushes & Bearings
 Condenser Coils Castings & Containers
 Door & Window Extrusions Faucets & Fittings
 Drink Cans & Containers Gunmetal & Manganese
 Foil Wrap & Food Containers Pipe & Tubing
 Lithographic Printing Plates Plate & Sheeting
 Mag & Alloy Wheels Radiators & Cooling Coils
 Pipe & Tubing Shells & Cartridges
 Plate & Sheeting Swarf & Borings
 Pots, Pans & Household Goods Tanks & Cisterns
 Wire & Cable Taps & Valves
 Swarf & Borings etc… Water Meters etc…
 All Copper Products All Ferrous Metals
 Armoured Cable All Non-Ferrous Metals
 Burnt Wiring Air Conditioners
 Electrical & Data Cable Catalytic Convertors
 Electric Motors Magnesium Alloy
 Hot Water Systems Metal Dross
 Insulated Cable Power Supplies & UPS Units
 Pipe & Tubing Solder Drips & Sticks
 Plate & Sheeting Tin & Wiping Metal
 Radiators & Condenser Coils White Metal & Bearing Metal
 Stripped Wire etc… Zinc Blocks & Sheet etc…
 Computers & Monitors Lead Acid Auto Batteries
 Electronics & Motherboards Pipe & Tubing
 Power Boards & Switching Panels Sheeting & Flashings
 Printers & Photocopiers etc… Wheel Weights etc…
 All Stainless Items Any Iron & Steel
 Bench & Counter Tops Cars, Trucks & Auto Parts
 Cable & Wiring Clothes Lines & Baths
 Pipe & Tubing Dishwashers & Drums
 Plate & Sheeting Fridges & Freezes
 Sinks & Tanks Roofing & Guttering
 Valves & Fittings Stairs & Handrails
 Washroom Equipment etc… Washing Machines etc..

Finding the Current Scrap Metal Prices in Sydney

The prices of scrap metal are dynamic and influenced by a multitude of factors, including international market trends, local supply and demand, and the type and quality of the scrap metal. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date scrap metal prices in Sydney, reaching out to local scrapyards or recycling centres is recommended. These centres routinely update their prices to reflect the current market trends.

For a wider perspective on scrap metal prices, you can refer to international resources like the London Metal Exchange or various commodity trading websites. However, the prices found on these platforms may not directly correspond with local Sydney prices due to varying factors such as transportation costs and regional supply-demand differences.

Scrap Copper Prices in Sydney

Due to its widespread use in various industries, such as electronics, construction, and electrical engineering, copper is a highly valued scrap metal. In Sydney, the prices for scrap copper typically range between approximately AUD 7.10 – AUD 9.90 per kilogram, depending on the type and quality of the copper scrap. Clean, unalloyed copper generally attracts the highest prices.

Scrap Aluminium Prices in Sydney

Aluminium is a desirable metal due to its lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties, making it essential in the aerospace and automotive industries. However, because of its abundance, it is less valuable than copper. Generally, scrap aluminium prices in Sydney range between AUD 0.70 – AUD 1.05 per kilogram.

Scrap Steel Prices in Sydney

Steel, being the most recycled metal globally, is consistently in high demand across sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and the automotive industry. Scrap steel prices in Sydney generally fall between AUD 0.13 – AUD 0.25 per kilogram. The exact price can vary significantly based on the type and quality of the steel scrap, with stainless steel often fetching higher prices.

Scrap Iron Prices in Sydney

Iron is a commonly found scrap metal due to its extensive use across various industrial applications. The price for scrap iron in Sydney typically ranges from AUD 0.12 – AUD 0.21 per kilogram. Factors such as the type of iron scrap (cast iron, wrought iron, etc.) and its contamination level can influence these prices.

Scrap Brass Prices in Sydney

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is highly valued for its aesthetic appeal and resistance to corrosion. It is widely used in fixtures, fittings, and musical instruments. Scrap brass prices in Sydney typically range between AUD 4.35 – AUD 5.30 per kilogram, dependent on the quality, quantity, and form of the brass scrap.

Top 20 Scrap Metal Types and Estimated Prices in Sydney

Scrap Metal TypeEstimated Price Per Kilogram (AUD)
Copper – #19.90
Copper – #28.80
Copper Wire8.40
Aluminium – Extruded1.05
Aluminium – Mixed0.70
Stainless Steel – 3041.50
Stainless Steel – 3162.20
Steel – Heavy Melt0.25
Steel – Light Iron0.13
Brass – Yellow5.30
Brass – Red4.90
Iron – Cast0.21
Iron – Wrought0.18
Lead – Soft2.25
Lead – Wheel Weights0.95
Zinc – Old0.90
Zinc – New1.15
Nickel – 3049.00
Nickel – 31610.80
Car Batteries0.65

Please note that these are estimated prices, and the actual prices may vary depending on the prevailing market conditions and the quality of the scrap metal.

In summary, keeping up with the current scrap metal prices in Sydney and understanding the various factors that influence these prices is vital for those involved in the scrap metal recycling industry. Regular interactions with local scrapyards and monitoring global market trends can assist businesses and individuals in maximising their benefits from this lucrative industry.

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1 year ago

Why are your braziery copper prices so much less than Melbourne, $4.91p/kg against $12.25p/kg

1 year ago

Hi,how much would you pay for alloy rims a kilo?I have about 3 tonnes

concerned citizen
concerned citizen
1 year ago

why all your prices are very low for 1/12/2022. matter of fact some are half the price you get for scrap in sydney. can you give a reason for that?

Clem Stevenson
Clem Stevenson
11 months ago

where in sydney can you sale cast iron for $3.86 ?

Janette Anderson
Janette Anderson
10 months ago

Where can we sell lead roofing sheets?
We are in North Rocks area postcode 2151 Sydney

Bradley Gray
Bradley Gray
8 months ago

Prices are nowhere near reality