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Bestbuy Recycling: All you need to know

Bestbuy recycling is an excellent electronic recycling company that was founded in 2009 to help the earth by recycling laptops, computers, televisions, washing machines, and many varieties of electronics into useful products.

Ever since 2009, they have helped people take good care of their appliances and because of the good work, they are now one of the biggest and top electronic recycling centers in the US.

They ensure that your product is in good support right from the point you do not use them again till when they’re recycled into new products.

What services does Bestbuy recycling offer?

Here are some of the excellent services that you can get from Bestbuy recycling;

1. Recycling of networking devices and appliances

Networking devices like modem, router, can be recycled at Bestbuy recycling. When you give them these devices, you will receive a coupon that will provide 15% discount when you want to bu Y another product from them.

2. Haul-away service

One of the latest service update by Bestbuy recycling company is the haul-away service. Do you have any refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, microwaves, or any acceptable electronic appliance that recently got spoilt? Are you also hoping to replace them? Then the haul-away service is the best for you!

With this new service, you can haul away heavy unwanted gadgets in your home while you order a new product.

3. Standalone Haul-away

If you are not ordering any product from Bestbuy recycling company and want to recycle your electronic appliances, you can still do so using the standalone haul-away service.

4. Free delivery on purchases

Bestbuy recycling is not just a top-notch electronic recycling company ; they also sell good appliances. The Totaltech us an innovative that provides you free delivery, installations and haul away services when you buy any major product from them. Asides that, subscribing to it, also benefits you with 20% discount on standalone haul-away service.

5. Recycling of HDD and SDD

When you recycle an hard disk drive , you get 10% discount off a new disk drive purchased from them.

How does Bestbuy recycling work?

1. Collection of Electronic waste

The mobile phone or computer you’re using to read this now will eventually get damaged someday. It can be part of a car- that is if your recycle it. The first part of Bestbuy recycling service is in receiving your electronic waste after contacting their service. Is the appliance too heavy? You can use their haul away service.

2. Shipment to Electronic Recyclers International (ERI)

After Bestbuy have received your appliances, they ship them to the Electronic Recyclers International, their partners in the business of e-waste recycling. If there any information in your computers, network devices, or memory drives, the company will delete everything to ensure security. Next, they assess the appliance to know if it can be repaired, reused or recycled.

3. Recycling of e-waste

Most appliances are made up of metals so recycling companies use them as scrap metals for new products. When some electronics cannot be repaired or reused, they get recycled. The ERI breaks them down with shredders and refurbishing into new products.

What kind of appliance does Bestbuy recycle?

• Television
• Computer
• Cables and connections
• CD
• Desktop
• Laptop
• Memory
• Webcam
• Tablet
• Ereader
• Modem
• Cell phone
• Radio
• Vacuum cleaners
• Fans
• Microwave
• Freezer
• Refigerator
• Oven
• Washer
• Dryers
• Video games
• Camera
• Car audio and GPS
• Movies.

What product is not accepted at Bestbuy recycling?

• Air conditioners
• Air purifiers
• Blenders and juicers
• Bread makers
• Coffee makers
• Dryers
• Dehumidifiers
• Electric grills
• Ice cream makers
• Mixers
• Toasters
• Water disposer

There are also some other products that are not accepted at Bestbuy recycling.

Why you should use Bestbuy recycling

By offering your old gadgets to Bestbuy company, you are helping the environment to reduce pollution by recycling them.

Their haul away service is super beneficial when you have too heavy old gadgets like refrigerator that you are trying to eliminate or replace. You also get to buy things cheaper from them when you use their service. What else could you want?

Cons of using Bestbuy recycling

Just like in any good service, there are the down sides. There are some claims that data security can be a challenge as there are no tangible proofs that they perfectly erase the data from your hard disk, networking devices and computers. However, it is not a thing to worry if you carefully erase the data before recycling.

Conclusion on Bestbuy recycling

You can key in to help the earth by refurbishing your old gadgets into new products. If they’re too heavy to carry, you need not fret as Bestbuy recycling has got you covered by their haul-away service. Now go ahead and check for yourself all the benefits of using Bestbuy!

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