Capital City Recycling

Capital City Recycling is Sacramento’s top Recycling Center. They are one of the city’s most friendly and efficient recycling service. Capital City Recycling are known to be the only recycling center in Sacramento to offer Drive-Thru recycling that is indoors and that protects clients from Sacramento’s hot summers and wet winters.

Capital City Recycling Accepts:


  • TIN: Patio furniture, bicycles, roofing sheet, metal siding, BBQs, metal studs/framing, metal fencing, and more.
  • STEEL: Engine blocks and parts, brake rotors, steel pipe, structural steel, exercise weights and equipment, and more.
  • NO APPLIANCES ACCEPTED: –  They do not recycle washers, dryers, stoves/ovens, hot water heaters, and air conditioning units.  They also CAN NOT recycle refrigerators, water coolers, microwaves, and dishwashers that are primarily plastic.  If you have an appliance that you want to dispose of, the best place to recycle these items is at the local dump or transfer station.  The one closest to their facility is the North Area Recovery Station located at 4450 Roseville Rd. in North Highlands.  They can be reached at 916-875-5555.


  • COPPER BARE: Copper sheet, copper pipe, motor windings, ballast copper, etc.
  • COPPER INSULATED WIRE: Copper (insulated Wire) THHN (Commercial wiring), ROMEX, extension cords, welding leads, bologna cords, christmas lights, appliance cords, network/communication wire (CAT 3, 5, 6), phone cords, charger cords, car harness wire, etc.
  • COPPER (MISCELLANEOUS): Aluminum Copper Radiators, electric motors, starters, alternators, ballasts, sealed units / AC Compressors, etc.
  • BRASS: Brass pipe, brass faucets, brass water spigots, brass decorative items, brass ammunition, etc.
  • ALUMINUM: Aluminum window frames, aluminum sheets, aluminum roofing and siding, cast aluminum parts, aluminum radiators, aluminum insulated wire, aluminum transmissions, aluminum/chrome wheels, pots, and pans, etc.
  • STAINLESS STEEL: Stainless steel barbecues, commercial stainless steel equipment, bolts, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, 304 stainless, 316 stainless, etc.

CRV – California Redemption Value

  • ALUMINUM CANS: Soda cans and beer cans.
  • BI-METAL: Beer cans from specific manufacturers (Ex: Sapporo).
  • GLASS: Beer bottles and soda bottles.
  • #1 PET: Single serving water and sports drinks. Identified by a #1 with a triangle around it.
  • #2 HDPE: Milk jugs, water jugs, juice containers, detergent and oil bottles. Identified by a #2 with a triangle around it. All detergent and oil bottles must be clean and free of residue.
  • #3, #4, #5, #6, & #7 Plastic Containers: California redemption containers only. Identified by a #3, #4, #5, #6 or #7 with a triangle around it.

Address: 3185 Longview Dr, Sacramento, California, United States

Email: N/A


Phone: 916-334-3591

Materials Accepted

Sl NoMaterial Name
3Aluminum Cans
7Ferrous Metals (Steel or Iron)
8Ferrous Scrap
9Non-ferrous (Copper/Brass/Tin)
10Non-Ferrous Scrap
11Stainless Steel
14#1 PETE Plastic
16PETE plastic
17Plastic #1 (PETE)

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