Cherry City Metals

Cherry City Metals accepts all sorts of metals as scrap for recycling, they also accept appliances, automobiles, and more. They have a full range of steel materials for purchase, whether its new or used.

How To Sell Your Scrap Metal at Cherry City Metals

Cherry City Metals has a ten-acre facility that uses state-of-the-art equipment to process material and scrap metal that is shipped all over the world. To sell your scrap metals:

  1. Pull onto their state-certified scale to get a heavyweight.
  2. They will then evaluate, grade, and direct your load to the appropriate unload area.
  3. Unloading your material can take place by hand or by crane – your choice.
  4. After your material is unloaded, return to the outbound scale to get a lightweight.
  5. Go to their cashier’s office and sign for your material and receive your payment.


According to Oregon state law, ferrous material  (steel and most magnetic material) can be paid immediately with cash or check. Non-Ferrous material (such as aluminum, copper, brass, and stainless steel) can not be paid until a mandatory 3-day waiting period in which a check must be issued and mailed to the customer. The only exception to this law is for businesses that are incorporated or partnerships specified as LLCs. Businesses that are incorporated or LLCs can be paid immediately.

Address: 3155 Kanz Ct NE, Salem, Oregon, United States



Phone: (503) 588-0721

Materials Accepted

Sl NoMaterial Name
3Cast Iron

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