Chevrolet Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices and Pictures



Chevrolet vehicles, like all modern cars, are equipped with catalytic converters to reduce harmful emissions and comply with environmental regulations. These components are valuable not only for their functionality but also for the precious metals they contain, which make them a sought-after item in the scrap market. In this article, I’ll cover how to identify Chevrolet catalytic converters, their composition, how they function, and provide a table with the current price ranges for various Chevrolet models.

Identifying Chevrolet Catalytic Converters

To identify a Chevrolet catalytic converter for scrap, look for specific characteristics that can include:

  • Serial Number: A serial number is often stamped on the converter and can be used to determine the specific Chevrolet model and potential scrap value.
  • Shape and Size: Chevrolet catalytic converters may vary in shape and size depending on the model of the vehicle.
  • Brand Markings: Look for Chevrolet-specific markings or part numbers that can help in identification.

Composition of Chevrolet Catalytic Converters

A Chevrolet catalytic converter is composed of several key elements:

  • Catalyst Substrate: Typically, this is made from a ceramic material shaped into a honeycomb structure and is the core component where the conversion reaction takes place.
  • Washcoat: This is a layer that is applied to the substrate to increase surface area, allowing for more effective catalysis.
  • Precious Metals: Platinum, palladium, and rhodium are the valuable metals applied to the substrate that act as the catalyst.
Front Catalytic Converters Compatible with 2000-2007 Chevrolet Silverado
2011-2015 Chevrolet Cruze 1.4L Turbo Catalytic Converter
Chevy Blazer 4.3L Catalytic Converter.
Catalytic Converter 2005-2007 Chevy Cobalt
Catalytic Converter fits for Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2L 4CyL 2003, 2004, and 2005
Catalytic Converter Compatible With 2003-2008 Chevrolet Express
Catalytic Converter For Chevrolet HHR (2008-2011) Cobalt 2.2L & 2.4L
Catalytic Converter For Chervolet Impala (2009-2011) 3.5L | 3.9L
Catalytic Converter For Chevrolet Aveo 1.6L (2009 – 2011)
Catalytic Converter Fits 2009-2012 Chevrolet Tahoe 5.3L

Chevrolet Models and Catalytic Converter Price Range

The table below provides estimated scrap price ranges for catalytic converters from various Chevrolet models. The actual price you may receive can vary based on the current market prices for the precious metals contained within the catalytic converters.

Chevy catalytic converter scrap price table 
Chevy Silverado$102.48 – $310.29
Chevy S-10$110.46 – $208.14
Chevy Blazer$93.95 – $313.93
Chevy Cobalt$97.89 – $258.91
Chevy Cavalier$94.61 – $425.80
Chevy Express Van$147.63 – $261.74
Chevy HHR$97.89 – $287.66
Chevy Impala$87.51 – $351.18
Chevy Aveo$95.92 – $433.86
Chevy Tahoe$83.45 – 214.57
Chevy 2500hd$117.43 – $421.59
Chevy Malibu$116.96 – $339.19
Chevy Colorado$85.99 – $203.57
Chevy Astro$89.14 – $217.62
Chevy Avalanche$117.32 – $341.45
Chevy Equinox$115.42 – $268.52
Chevrolet Silverado 3500$142.91 – $398.43
Chevrolet Silverado 1500$160.53 – $401.56

Function of Chevrolet Catalytic Converters

The main function of a Chevrolet catalytic converter is to reduce the vehicle’s exhaust emissions:

  • Reduction Catalyst: This part of the converter uses platinum and rhodium to help reduce nitrogen oxide emissions into nitrogen and oxygen, which are harmless.
  • Oxidation Catalyst: This section, using platinum and palladium, turns carbon monoxide and unburnt hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Through these processes, Chevrolet catalytic converters ensure that the vehicle’s emissions are cleaner, helping the car to run more efficiently and reducing its environmental footprint.

Rising Incidents of Chevrolet Catalytic Converter Theft

Chevrolet vehicles have not been immune to the nationwide increase in catalytic converter thefts, with certain models being particularly susceptible. The catalytic converters in Chevrolet trucks and SUVs, such as the Silverado and Tahoe, are often targets due to their high ground clearance, which allows thieves to slide underneath easily and saw off the converter with minimal effort.

The value of these components comes from the precious metals they contain, which act as catalysts to reduce vehicle emissions. These metals—platinum, palladium, and rhodium—have high resale value on the scrap market, offering a lucrative, albeit illegal, opportunity for quick profit.

The theft can occur within minutes, leaving the vehicle owner with a costly repair bill and the inconvenience of a vehicle out of commission. To combat these thefts, owners are turning to various deterrents, such as installing anti-theft devices, parking in secure and well-lit areas, or welding the catalytic converter to the car’s frame. Law enforcement and communities are also ramping up efforts to crack down on this type of theft through stricter legislation and increased patrols in high-risk areas.

Where to sell your Chevy Scrap Catalytic Converter

Scrap Catalytic Converters originally produced by Chevrolet, are valuable pieces of automotive scrap. Selling them is a great way to make extra money and help the environment by recycling these catalytic converters that would have otherwise gone to waste. There are a number of options for selling catalytic converters, including auto shops, scrap yards, and online markets.

Auto shops are often willing to purchase these catalytic cutters for their own stocks or supply stores, as well as for making repairs directly to cars with catalytic converters from Chevrolet. Scrap yards tend to be an excellent option because they buy in bulk. Online marketplaces provide the convenience of being able to search around for the best price and post catalytic converter listings with ease. Regardless of which place you choose, it’s always important to do your research ahead of time and make sure you get the most out of your sale!


The scrap value of Chevrolet catalytic converters is largely dependent on the precious metal content and market demand for these metals. If you are looking to sell a Chevrolet catalytic converter as scrap, it’s important to keep up with current metal prices and ensure you’re dealing with a reputable buyer. Use the serial number to get the most accurate quote and consider the timing of your sale to maximize your return. With the right approach, scrapping your Chevrolet catalytic converter can be both environmentally friendly and economically rewarding.

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Kevin snow
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