Doylestown Waste Recycling

Doylestown Waste Recycling is a company that helps to refurbish wastes like scrap metals, and building materials, into useful products. Get in touch with Doylestown Waste Recycling if you have waste products from a construction project hanging around on your land. They recycle many kind of waste from building projects, including drywall, shingles, and metal.

They provide containers that helps one to transport all the recyclable materials to their faculty. They do not only deliver but also pick up the containers.

After the end of a building project, Doylestown allows one to recycle the Woods, drywalls, and masonry materials. Get all of the materials together and bring them to Doylestown Waste Recycling as they recycle them on their grounds.

Address: 1510 Swamp Rd, Pennsylvania, United States



Phone: 267-810-4459

Materials Accepted at Doylestown Waste Recycling

Sl NoMaterial Name
4Wood Pallets
5All Types of Metals
6Scrap Metal
7News Paper
9Mixed Paper
10Office Paper
11#1 PETE Plastic Bottles
12#2 HDPE Plastic Bottles
13#3 PVC Plastic Bottles
14#4 LDPE Plastic Bottles
15#5 PP Plastic Bottles
16#6 PS Plastic Bottles
17#7 Others Plastic Bottles

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