8 Gold Metal Recyclers in the US

Are you looking for top gold metal recyclers in the US to sell your junk gold? Scrap gold metal is a golden metal that is taken to a recycler who would melt them and reuse as materials for new products.

Your jewelries, and gold metals like any other object, will eventually wear out and become obsolete.

Examples of these gold metals can be found in your earrings, necklaces, wrist bands, chains, cutlery as well as your mobile phones and junk car.

What happens to these gold metals when they’re no longer useful. Do you just throw them away and pollute the land, or do you do something about it? Definitely not, which is why scrap metal recycling exists to turn metallic waste into new products.

Benefits of Gold metal recycling

Recycling old metallic wastes can have a positive impact on the environment. Metal recycling has the most significant impact on reducing pollution and improving the livability of the planet.

As an additional way of helping save our precious planet, you can deliver your old gold metals to any gold metal recyclers in the US.

Top Gold Metal Recyclers in the US

1. EMR- Dallas (Gold Metal Recyclers)

EMR is one of the top-notch gold metal recyclers in the US; a large scrap metal recycling company founded in 2007 which has since grown to become a global leader in the industry.

They buy all types of metals like Iron, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, heavy steel and gold. Looking for where to sell your gold metals as scrap? Then check out the EMR company. Customers who have used their service praise them for smooth sales and friendly service.

Their location is at 4305 Botham Jean Blvd, Dallas, TX 752115, Unitsd states and their hours of operation is from 8am to 5pm on weekdays.

2. Aurum Precious metals

Located in Florida, Aurum precious metals boasts of a long period of experience and excellence in gold metal scrapping as well as that of other precious metals. They do a good job in refining gold, silver, palladium and platinum scrap into fine materials for manufacturing new products.

Their location is at 2800 SW 14th street, Pompano beach, Florida and their ZIP code is 33069.

3. Mayshunter metal LLC

Another excellent gold metal recyclers in the US is the Mayshinter metals LLC in Texas. What’s unique about them is their prompt response to your scrap purchase plus their wide options of payment including PayPal and Bitcoin. Their location is at 401 2nd street, Jarell Texas, US and ZIP is 76537. They operate all through the day as their services can be gotten online.

4. Certified Gold exchange

Do you have bulk gold metals and looking for where to sell them as scrap? The certified gold exchange is a good choice! The company is one of the best gold metal recyclers in the US.

For over two years, they’ve been committed in offering excellent services to customers in regards to buying of gold scrap and exchange. Their location is at 201 main street, Fort worth, Texas, US and their ZIP is 76102.

5. Bullions exchanges

Located in the core of New York city I’d Bullions exchanges, one if the top gold metal recyclers in the US. They offer to buy your scrap metals at competitive prices and also deal with the sales of precious metals . Their location is at 30 west 47th street, store 1, New York, US and ZIP is 10036.

6. CJ Environmental, Inc.

For over 4 decades, the CJ environmental, Inc has been excellent in the service of precious metals refining and recyling. They refine metals like Gold, silver, palladium and platinum with the aid of high class technology and screening methods.

They provide materials to big fortune 500 companies and manufacturing industries. If you are looking for one of the gold metal recyclers in the US, then this is for you. Their location is at 6 Perryd drive Foxboro, Massachusetts, US and ZIP is 02035.

7. Reardon Precious metals

Reardon precious metals came in at 2013 with a drive of pushing away pollutants and returning the precious metals back into the world. And ever since, they have been doing an amazing job. They buy your gold metal scrap, refine and recycle into materials for new products. Their location is at 5733 Pontiac Dr, San jose, California, Us and ZIP is 95123.


TES, LLC is another excellent gold metal recyclers you can use to sell your gold metal scrap. They partner with smelters outside the country which they send to after they purchase from you. Their location is at 4849 Massachusetts Blvd, college park, Georgia, US and ZIP is 30337.

Conclusion on Gold metal recyclers in the US

Don’t allow your old gold metals to waste; you can get good cash by selling them off. Knowing the gold metal recyclers in the US is beneficial if you want to get started and that’s what we explained in this guide as well as their addresses for better contact.

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