Julius Metals

Julius Metals has been FT. BEND COUNTY’S LARGEST SCRAP DEALER serving Ft. Bend and surrounding counties for the past 25 years.

They are a proud and responsible member of the Ft. Bend, Texas business community, they accept aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, vehicle radiators, air conditioning coils, lead and other scrap metal.

Julius Metals provides recycling services for all aluminum forms & alloys, including:


Some forms of aluminum scrap include:

vehicle wheels
litho sheet
aluminum extrusion
window frames and others
They also provide recycling services for other forms of aluminum including shop turnings, solids, cut-offs etc.

Julius Metals Copper wire Recycling Programs

Their copper wire recycling programs include processing a wide range of copper wire scraps. These copper wire recycling programs include mtw copper wire recycling, triplex copper wire recycling, Romex copper wire recycling, and more!.

Stainless steel recycling with Julius Metals will show you the difference in stainless steel recycling services. They are a Business-to-Consumer and a Business-to-Business stainless steel recycling expert. They provide swift payment “in most cases the same day” and free services such as scrap metal pick up & free mutilation of aeromotive or electronic scrap metal items.

Julius Metals Stainless steel Recycling Programs

Their stainless steel recycling programs include processing a wide range of stainless steel scraps. These stainless steel recycling programs include stainless steel recycling of alloy 304, stainless steel recycling of alloy 316, stainless steel recycling of alloy 330, and more!.

Julius Metals Brass Recycling Programs

Julius Metals’ brass recycling service includes recycling of many forms of brass scrap. They offer brass recycling of yellow brass, red brass, rod brass, aluminum brass & forms such as radiators, fired bullet shells, valves, water meters, etc. They also offer brass recycling of other forms such as shop turnings, solids or cut-offs.

Address: 3018 Fifth Street, Stafford, Texas, United States

Email: N/A

Website: http://www.juliusmetals.com

Phone: (281) 499-6400

Materials Accepted

Sl NoMaterial Name
3Stainless Steel

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