Massey Metals Ltd

Massey Metals Recycling is an independent car scrap and scrap metal merchant. They have a reputation for offering the best price for your scrap car plus free collection within 15 miles of their Chester Recycling Centre.

They also know Catalytic Converter recycling better than most yards, because Catalytic Converters contain precious metals such as palladium, rhodium and platinum it is important that they are recycled properly, all of these metals can be re-used

For many years, scrapping a car meant that it would be taken to the local car scrap yard and left, often stacked on top of other broken vehicles. Left for long periods, the dangerous fluids still inside a car would seep out into the ground causing toxic waste like mercury and anti-freeze to contaminate the water supply.

Fortunately, things have drastically changed, and having your car collected by an environmentally accredited scrap dealer is the safest and most environmentally-friendly way of disposing of your vehicle. For further information about scrapping your vehicle.

Address: Saltney, Units 4 & 5 Facit Glen Industrial Estate, River Lane, Cheshire, United Kingdom



Phone: 01244 67 67 67

Materials Accepted

Sl NoMaterial Name
198% Copper
2Alloy Radiators
3Aluminum Scrap
5Brass Scrap
6Bright Wire-Greasy/Nickel Coated
7Dry Bright Wire
8Heavy Iron
11Scrap Cars
12Stainless Steel Clean

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