NorthState Recycling

NorthState Recycling is a locally owned and operated scrap metal and recycling center, they help with recycling and re-use metals of all types and to redeem the California Refund Value (CRV) deposit for aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles.

NorthState Recycling buys:

All CRV Materials: Cans, Plastic, Bi-Metal, and Glass (Lids Do Not Need to Be Removed from the Plastic Bottles but must be drained of all fluids).

All Types of Copper: Bare Wire, Insulated Copper Wire, Copper Pipe, Sheet Copper, Telephone Wire, etc.

All Types of Aluminum: Aluminum/Copper Radiators, Aluminum Storm Doors, Tubing, Wire, Sheet, Extruded, 60/63, 50/52, Flexible Aluminum conduit, Insulated Wire, Cast Aluminum, Aluminum Radiators, Car Wheels, Truck Wheels, siding, etc.

All Types of Brass: Red Brass, Yellow Brass, Brass Radiators, Brass Faucets, Brass Shells (Must be Kept Separate.) etc.

All Types of Stainless Steel: Sinks, Pots & Pans, etc.

All Electric Motors, Starters, and Alternators.

Lead: All Lead accepted including car Batteries.

Appliance: Washers, Dryers, Trash Compactors, Stainless Steel Dishwashers, etc.

All Types of Iron, Tin, Steel, Cast, and Motor blocks (No oil filters or pans are allowed to be attached to motor blocks. All fluids must be drained.)

Refrigerators, freezers, and a/c units are a $10.00 charge.

Address: 2041 Girvan Rd, Redding, California, United States

Email: N/A


Phone: N/A

Materials Accepted

Sl NoMaterial Name
1Hair Dryers
2Alum Car Wheels
3AL/CU Radiators
4Aluminum Cast (Clean)
5Aluminum Radiators
7Aluminum Siding
8Aluminum Truck Wheels
9Aluminum Wire
10Brass Faucets
11Brass Radiators
12Brass Shells
13Copper Pipe
14Insulated Copper Wire
16Red Brass
18Yellow Brass

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