Portland Battery Recycling

Since 2001, Portland Battery Recycling has collected and recycled lead-acid batteries in a way that surpasses state and local battery regulations. They recycle more than 16,000 types of batteries to keep you powered, but more importantly, their recycling program makes it easy for you to recycle nearly all of your used batteries!

Types of Batteries Recycled By Portland Battery Recycling

Portland Battery Recycling can help you recycle the following types of batteries at our facility located at 9710 SE Washington St. | Portland, Oregon 97216:

  • Automotive and Sealed Lead-Acid: All types of Automotive and Sealed Lead-Acid batteries are accepted at any of our facilities. Examples are Car Batteries, Alarm System Batteries, Golf Cart Batteries, and other vehicle-type batteries.
  • Industrial Batteries: Most types of Industrial batteries can be taken to any of our facilities. Examples are Forklift, Motive Power, and backup power system batteries.
  • Household: Portland Battery Recycling can handle nearly all of your household batteries.
    • Rechargeable Batteries: Such as laptop and cell phone batteries.
    • Button Cells
    • Both Rechargeable and Button Cell

Address: 9710 SE Washington St, Portland, Oregon, United States

Email: N/A

Website: http://www.portlandbatteryrecycling.com/

Phone: 503-255-9000

Materials Accepted

Sl NoMaterial Name
1Car Batteries
2Lead Acid Batteries
3Ni-Cad Batteries

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