10 Scrap Yards In Georgia (And Their Details)



Scrap yards in Georgia

1. TriStar recycling metals

  • Address: 2731 Simpson Circle, Norcross GA 30071
  • Website: http://tristarrecycling.com/#home
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday (8am-5pm)
  • Telephone: +1 (770) 609-2699

If you have scrap metals, electronics, computers, old cars, trucks, and aluminum cans and looking for the top scrap yards in Georgia, then use the TriStar yard. They have professional staff that’ll come and gauge your metals to give you the best possible prices. You can bring all your household appliances and get a quote for them except manhole covers, fluorescent bulbs, pressurized containers, radioactive materials, and sealed units.

2. Taylor’s junkyard metal recycling

  • Address: Taylor’ s Junkyard, 740 Dallas Hwy SW, Cartersville, GA 30120
  • Website: https://taylorsjunkyard.com/
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (7am-5pm)
  • Telephone: +1 678-230-7976

If you’re in need of scrap yards in Georgia, look no farther than Taylor’s Junkyard. You can find them on Georgia State Route 61 a short distance from Cartersville. Their consumer base spans the entirety of northern Georgia. They are happy to help both individuals and businesses with their ferrous and non-ferrous metals needs. They are fast, affordable, friendly and will give you competitive prices for your scrap metals and old appliances.

3. Junk yard Atlanta

  • Address: 2157 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315, United States
  • Website: http://www.usedreconditionedbatteriesatl.com/
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (8am-7pm)
  • Telephone: +1 404-399-4690

4. Fulton metals recycling

Fulton metals recycling falls among the top scrap yards in Georgia to sell your scrap. They provide services for recycling scrap metal, and they buy that, as well as gadgets. They’ll pay cash for your scrap metal, whether it’s copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, or something else entirely.

Batteries, radiators, wheels, beverage cans, copper and aluminum wire, catalytic converters, air conditioners, and appliances are just some of the other things they recycle. Further, customer payments are processed promptly. Generally, they will purchase any metal product.

There are a number of factors that might make scrap metal collection difficult. Fulton Metals Recycling is an excellent business partner to have. Everything from large industrial containers to little loads from residential cleanouts may be transported by them.

They offer industrial recycling services with roll-off containers in a range of sizes, and our typical delivery time for a dumpster is just a few hours. By purchasing scrap metals from their customers, they help them reduce their environmental impact and save money on trash disposal.

5. RCM scrap metal recycling

  • Address: 3838 N Expy, Griffin, GA 30223, United States
  • Website: https://www.rcmscrapmetal.com/
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (8am-7pm)
  • Telephone: +1 678-692-6611

RCM Recycling is pleased to announce that we now service all of Atlanta, Georgia, including businesses, warehouse managers, builders, and people who have been browsing the internet for scrap yards in Georgia. Recycling scrap metal is a fantastic way to get some fast cash, clear some space, stimulate the local economy, and keep toxic chemicals out of the environment.

Call RCM Recycling right now if you have any unwanted metal appliances, computers, or office furniture. They take a wide variety of scrap metals and keep our pricing in line with market conditions. Take advantage of their convenient pick-up services.

6. SA recycling

  • Address: 1024 Sampler Way Maint:, 1340 Milledge St, Atlanta, GA
  • Website: https://www.sarecycling.com/
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (8am-7pm)
  • Telephone: +1 404-753-6063

If you’re looking for top scrap yards in Georgia to sell old materials then the SA recycling is a great choice. Their cutting-edge facilities are managed by highly qualified personnel who will do everything they can to meet your individual recycling requirements. They recognize the benefits recycling may bring to both their community and the international marketplace. SA Recycling processes millions of tons of scrap every year, which helps domestic and foreign factories keep up with demand.

7. Northeast Georgia recycling

  • Address: 20 Oil Mill Rd, Martin, GA 30557, United States
  • Website: http://ngrscraprecycling.webs.com/
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (8am-7pm)
  • Telephone: +1 706-779-3122

8. BMAC Scrap

  • Address: 3219 S Dixie Hwy, Dalton, GA 30720, United States
  • Website: https://www.bmacscrap.com/
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (8am-7pm)
  • Telephone: +1 706-275-0130

BMA C scrap yard is another facility that falls among the top scrap yards in Georgia. The founders, Brian and Gwen McCuistion, had always dreamed of having their own scrap yard and went to Georgia in July 2020 to acquire the land on which Bmac Scrap presently stands. Family is very important to them, and they have four adult children who are spread out throughout the country.

Just over 30 years ago, Brian learned his trade at a tiny, family-run scrap yard in Arkansas, where he chopped iron with a torch. Brian started off as an employee at a scrap yard and eventually rose to become the head manager of a nationwide chain of full-service scrap yards. Brian has worked with steel mills and foundries, as well as other industrial customers, for a long time.

9. Southern metals recycling

  • Address: 2820 Tremont Road, Savannah, GA 31405
  • Website: https://www.smrusa.com/
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (8am-5pm)
  • Telephone: 478-289-9390

Established in 2003 and serving the Southeast, Southern Metals Recycling (SMR) is a reputable metals recycling company. Their knowledgeable staff will ensure that you receive a competitive price for your scrap metal and precise weighings. They deal in all kinds of metals, from iron and alloys to mild steel and stainless, aluminum and magnesium, copper and brass, nickel and tin.

10. Browns mill recycling

  • Address: 3760 Browns Mill Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30354, United States
  • Website: https://www.brownsmillrecycling.com/
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday (8am-5pm)
  • Telephone: 478-289-9390

Browns mill recycling is another top scrap yards in Georgia to sell your old metallic appliances. They are a family-run scrap metal recycling business located in north Atlanta, close to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. They intend for their company to be a money- and time-saver for you. They are experts in turning your scrap metal into quick cash, and we work with all types of businesses, including tow truck companies, corporate movers, HVAC and trade contractors, and demolition firms.

They have the gear to recycle the ferrous and non-ferrous metals present in these products, allowing them to offer you top price for your scrap, which you can use to buy new automobiles, copper, washers, conductors, dryers, radiators, etc.

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