How to sell Used Generators as Scrap

Knowing how to sell used generators as scrap is very important if you want to get rid of that old machine in your garage.

If you have any used generator and wondering how to get cash off it, the answer is yes you can!

In this detailed guide, we will explore all about the scrap metal recycling industry, the benefits and how you can get cash off recycling your used generator.

What is a Scrap metal?

Most appliances and gadgets that we make use of are constructed with metals. For example, the dishwashers, washing machine, oven, microwave, television, cars, laptops, etc.

The phone or laptop you’re using to read this will probably get damaged at some time (nothing lasts forever). Bit how do you get rid of the waste? Of course, the trash can is the first line of thought but this is wrong.

Metals and electronics contribute to the earth’s pollution. To solve this problem, the metals are taken to manufacturing industries where they are shredded and recycled into materials for new products. That’s exactly what happens when you sell your used generator as scrap.

How to sell used generators as scrap

1. Sell by parts

Despite the condition of your used generator, it obviously has some parts that you can sell off singly. Example of the parts include; Dynamo, battery charger, recoil starter, alternator starters, etc.

Someone out there is searching for a particular generator spare part to couple theirs. Even companies that deal with used generators depend on spare parts to couple into new ones.

Do you want to know how to sell used generators as scrap? Then start researching on the valuable parts your generator has, its values and get buyers who would scrap them for cash.

2. Sell the Generator as it is

Another method to sell used generators as scrap is by selling the whole parts. The value will be determined by the condition and several other factors. This method is great if your generator doesn’t have lots of valuable parts to sell individually.

3. Use junkyards

Junkyards are places where old items are sold as scrap. The scrap metal recycling industry is a huge business which junkyards key into, by buying your scrap metals.

You can sell used generators as scrap to these junkyards. Majority offer services that can haul away your heavy generator so you don’t stress about transportation.

How to sell used generators as scrap to a junkyard

The first step to sell your used generator as scrap is to contact the services of a junkyard. After doing that, you’d send the images of the generator, your identity document, brand and model number. Some experts do come to check the condition of the item themselves before discussing the value.

Factors that affect the price of scrap generators

1. Quality

You’ll get a better price for your scrap generator if it’s of a higher quality. When you find out that the scrap is rusted or not in good condition, then you may not get good cash off it. This is due to the fact that the scrap yard will have to spend more time cleaning the metal before processing and recycling it. You’ll get a better price for your scrap metal if you take the time to clean it and remove any insulation before taking it to a scrap yard.

2. Weight of scrap metal

For scrap metal, the higher the quantity, the higher the scrap yard can offer you in exchange for your metal. When you take your used generator to a scrap yard, they’re often just middlemen who are looking for buyers for the metal before it can be recycled. Save your used generator until you have enough to sell it rather than bringing it in by the pound. The scrap yard will be able to pay you more for a larger quantity of scrap metal because they will have to make fewer transactions and pay fewer transportation costs.

3. The Law of Demand and Supply

Almost every industry, including scrap metal recycling, is governed by the laws of supply and demand. A scrap yard will charge a higher price for a metal that is in high demand and low supply. It will be less expensive to buy a metal that is widely available and in low demand. You can make more money selling scrap metal if you keep an eye on these trends. For those who are concerned about scrap metal prices, you may want to hold onto your metal until supply or demand shifts in your favor. This is the most important factor in determining the price of scrap metal.

Conclusion on how to sell used generator as scrap

Getting cash off your old used generator is easy when you follow the right steps. One way is by selling it as scrap to a junkyard. What about how to sell used generators as scrap? We have explained all in this guide!

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