Temple Iron & Metal

Temple Iron & Metal is ready to recycle all of your metals, they want your copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum, including aluminum cans. You can also recycle automobiles, farm equipment, appliances, and any other items made of recyclable metal.

In addition to most types of metals, their team also recycles some paper and plastic items.

Temple Iron & Metal will also recycle your aluminum cans for you. Please bring them in empty and clean, do not mix them with aluminum foil, other aluminum products, or steel cans. Your can do not have to be crushed.

Address: 815 N. 14th Street, Temple, Texas, United States

Email: billyray@templeiron.com

Website: http://templeiron.com/

Phone: 254-773-2700

Materials Accepted

Sl NoMaterial Name
1Alum Cans
2Scrap Metal
3Sheet Metal
4Paper (Mixed)

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