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Scrap Metal Prices Per Kilo

If you are currently living in Canada and are seeking out current scrap metal prices then this website is the right one for you. We actively update our prices for a range of different types of scrap for all of the major cities in Canada, including; Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Mississauga, North York, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Scarborough and in the following regions too; Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia. As it stands we are updating all of our scrap metal prices per kilo for the following varities of scrap metal; copper, aluminum, steel, lead, brass and iron. Our team are constantly reaching out to more and more scrap yards throughout the country so we can provide even more detailed and up to date prices for you all.

Scrap Copper Prices Per Kilo

If you are keen on trading scrap copper then you should probably learn a little bit about the best methods to clean up your scrap copper, it’s a fairly simple process but if you don’t do it then you can expect to be paid a lot less for your materials. Cleaning up your copper is the most important process that you have to undertake to get a good price, it really is as simple as that. Before you just go ahead and attempt to clean up your copper, you should first ensure that it is pure copper and not mixed because mixed copper is scratched extremely easily. While this is certainly not the end of the world, in Canada scratched scrap copper is valued far less than a clean and unscratched form of it. Mixed copper can be cleaned extremely easily as it is not readily scratched and therefore it is worth more money to scrap yards. Another thing that you should do before taking your copper to a dealer is to make sure that you have removed all other metals or materials from it, this includes wiring insulation. The most common places that you can find copper is within electrical equipment like clocks, televisions, computers or monitors.

Scrap Aluminum Prices Per Kilo

Throughout Canada there is a an absolute abundance of aluminum mines and so there really isn’t too much demand for it. As a consequence of this scrap yards do not really pay very much for aluminum. Despite this, scrap aluminum prices are still fairly high relative to other types of metal. Unfortunately it is often difficult to find a dealer that will accept this form of scrap, if you look around in all of the major cities then you will likely find somebody but you will have to search around for a while. Aluminum is priced independently and is not set by the local yards, in fact you will always find that its price is stable at most yards in Canada with very little fluctuation. Aluminum can be found in casings, cables, radiators, sheets and plates. If you have yourself a little stash of aluminum cans then you can get a decent amount of cash in return for them.

Scrap Lead Prices Per Kilo

Scrap lead prices are very volatile, this is due to the widespread shortage of lead supplies in Canada. While Canada is a very large country with a huge amount of mines throughout the mountainous regions, it’s actually fairly rare that you will find lead resources anywhere. Most of the countries’ lead is imported from America, Asia or Europe and so scrap lead prices per kilo are almost always sky high. If you happen to come by a large stash of scrap lead then you should immediately take it to be scrapped at your local dealer. Scrap yards value this metal a lot so should be very happy to take it off your hands for a good price. One thing to note here is that lead is a very toxic metal and should not be kept indoors in large quantities.

Scrap Steel Prices Per Kilo

Scrap steel is found within many buildings in Canada and should be immediately taken to a dealer because it is in such high demand all the time. In both 2015 and 2016 scrap yards in Canada were taken into administration because of this shortage. If you are intending on making a lot of money from recycling scrap metal than steel is what you should be targeting. Scrap steel prices per kilo peaked back in 2012 but they still remain high to this day and are likely to increase as time goes on. In fact, it is currently more valuable than brass, copper, iron and copper and so if you find some stainless steel, get on your way to the scrap yard now.

Scrap Metal Dealers

The below table details all of the most commonly traded forms of scrap metal and it has been updated within the previous 24 hours. We have provided you with a range of accepted prices because scrap metal prices vary considerably from yard to yard. These are essentially the most commonly traded prices on each particular day at a reputable scrap dealer:

Scrap Metal Prices per Kilo
$3.00 to $5.25
Mixed Copper
$3.80 to $5.40
Copper Wire
$2.80 to $4.00
$1.30 to $2.90
Stainless Steel
$1.50 to $3.20
Mixed Steel
$1.75 to $3.25
$1.25 to $2.50
Aluminium Cans
$0.10 to $0.30 per can
$0.10 to $0.25
Cast Iron
$0.10 to $0.25
$1.25 to $1.50
Mixed Brass
$1.00 to $2.00
$1.50 to $3.50
$1.00 to $3.50 per battery

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