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You must have wondered how to dispose of those old telephones, cell phones, broken game systems, and other home appliances that are piled up as junk in your garage in California.

California is the first state in the US to offer free recycling of electronic devices. In order to make sure that these devices are recycled properly, the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) will be responsible for collecting and disposing of them. This is done by setting up collection centers across California, which will be available for consumers to drop off their old electronics.

Some other states have already adopted a similar policy, where they provide free recycling services for electronics but charge a fee for TVs. The main reason behind this is that TVs contain more toxic materials and require more energy to recycle them than traditional electronic devices.

Average Electronics Recycling Prices in California

MaterialAverage PricePrice Unit
A-Boards P/C Scrap2.15USD/LB
B-Boards Scrap0.5USD/LB
Ceramic Processors Scrap6.82USD/LB
Colored Boards Scrap0.65USD/LB
Computer/Server (Incomplete) Scrap0.11USD/LB
Electronic Transformers Scrap0.1USD/LB
Finger Cards Scrap2USD/LB
Floppy/CD Drive0.08USD/LB
Incomplete Laptops0.31USD/LB
Low Grade Boards Scrap0.35USD/LB
P-4 Boards1.15USD/LB
PC Towers – Incomplete0.21USD/LB
Power Supplies Scrap0.11USD/LB
Server Boards1.9USD/LB
TV Yokes0.37USD/LB
Cell Phones w/o Battery2.29USD/LB
Complete E- Scrap0.12USD/LB
CPU Towers0.09USD/LB
Hard Drives – Incomplete0.11USD/LB
HG Motherboards Scrap1.69USD/LB
Power Supply W/Cord0.11USD/LB
Cellular Phones Scrap1.45USD/LB
CPU Boards3.5USD/LB
Finger Boards3.01USD/LB
Green Mother Boards1.05USD/LB
Hard Drives Scrap0.81USD/LB
Non Green Mother Boards0.55USD/LB
Telecom Equipment0.21USD/LB
#1 Low Grade Motherboard Scrap1.4USD/LB
#2 Low Grade Motherboard Scrap1.1USD/LB
Low Grade Serverboard Scrap1.55USD/LB
Mid Grade Populated Scrap0.55USD/LB
Mid Grade Unpopulated Scrap0.3USD/LB
Satellite or Cable Box Receiver0.1USD/LB
PC Laptops – Complete0.51USD/LB
Hard Drive Boards2.94USD/LB
Air Conditioners0.22USD/LB
Mouse/Keyboard Scrap0.34USD/LB
Printer/Fax Scrap0.34USD/LB
Cell Phone w/ Battery1.2USD/LB
UPS W/ Batteries0.18USD/LB
UPS W/O Batteries0.1USD/LB
PC Towers – Complete0.16USD/LB
Colored Mother Board1.15USD/LB
Lithium-Ion Battery Scrap0.49USD/LB
Motherboards Scrap0.89USD/LB
Processor W/O Pins Scrap1.05USD/LB
Processor W/Pins Scrap6.48USD/LB
Medium Grade Boards Scrap0.66USD/LB
Memory Chips Scrap6.5USD/LB
Whole Computer Tower0.09USD/LB
AC Adapter Scrap0.1USD/LB
Computer/Server (Complete) Scrap0.26USD/LB

Here are The Top-Rated Places to Recycle Electronics in California

TechWaste Recycling Inc.

Address: 1940 E Occidental St, Santa Ana, CA 92705, United States.

Recycling: Electronics

Phone: +1 866-637-6814

Q. What eWaste items do you recycle?

TechWaste Recycling Inc: We recycle virtually anything that has a cord, screen, uses batteries, contains data, and uses or produces energy in some form. Some examples include: – Computers – Monitors – Drives/Media – Cell Phones – Old Telecom Equipment – Televisions – Broadcast Equipment – Storage/Tape – Fax Machines – Post Production Equipment – Servers – Battery Back Ups – Printers – Medical Equipment – Computer parts.

Q. Why should I recycle computers and other electronics instead of throwing them in the trash?

TechWaste Recycling Inc: Throwing computers and other electronic eWaste in the trash overflows landfills and may cause environmental and health damage to humans. Components and materials used to create computers and other electronics are toxic when leaked into the soil, atmosphere, and water system via improper disposal. Utilizing TechWaste Recycling’s eWaste recycling services will benefit the environment as well as protect you and your business against hefty fines or penalties for improper disposal of electronics.

California Electronics

Address: 14235 Commerce Dr, Garden Grove, CA 92843, United States

Areas served: Orange County and nearby areas

Recycling: Batteries · Electronics

Phone: +1 800-282-3927


Rapid Recycle

Address: 5292 Pacheco Blvd, Pacheco, CA 94553, United States

Areas served: Concord and nearby areas

Recycling: Batteries · Metal cans

Phone: +1 925-671-8008

Green Leaf Electronic & E-Waste Recycling

Address: 26244 Enterprise Ct, Lake Forest, CA 92630, United States

Areas served: Orange County

Phone: +1 949-470-2700


Green Ewaste Recycling Center

Address: 1664 Watson Ct, Milpitas, CA 95035, United States

Areas served: San Francisco Bay Area and nearby areas

Recycling: Batteries

Phone: +1 408-287-3292

List of items you can recycle:

Virtually, the most common type of electronics can be at least partially recycled, since they’re made largely of metal. However, electronics that contain mercury or lead require special handling as hazardous waste. LCD televisions and monitors and old TVs (pre-1991, per the EPA) may contain mercury, while old cathode ray tube televisions contain lead. 

Cell Phones

MP3 Players


DVD Players

Game Systems


Digital Cameras 

Car Audio




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