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Are you searching for Harry’s U Pull it inventory and price list? Harry’s U-Pull-It Junk yard is a unique type of yard that allows individuals pick up spare parts on their own for cash. The yard costs $2.00 to enter. Payment can be made with either cash or a Visa/MasterCard (with a minimum purchase of $20.00 in parts).

Junk yards are where you find scrap cars that are no longer functional. The vehicles are strewn about in a haphazard manner. You may be exhausted when trying to locate a part for an older model vehicle in a junkyard.

At Harry’s U-Pull-It inventory,, anyone in need of a car part can easily and quickly locate one, orderliness is not the name of the game.
In other words, is this a junkyard? According to co-owner Joseph Kress, the answer to this question is a definitive no.
Harry’s U-Pull-It is a cutting-edge rest home for ailing automobiles.

Harry’s Auto Wreckers is owned and operated by Joseph “Buddy” Kress and his son, Joseph Kress. It is a subsidiary of Kress Auto Wreckers, which is right next door. There are two businesses located on a 200-acre site just west of West Hazleton in Hazle Township’s Green Ridge section.

Customers, who pay a $2 entrance fee, are responsible for locating and removing the part they want from Harry’s, unlike other businesses and “junkyards.” Each part is then charged a small fee when they leave. The U-Pull of Harry Every day of the week, it’s open. Thousands of vehicles are added to their inventory each day.

Harry’s U Pull it inventory and price list

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