North Las Vegas Scrap Metal Prices – Nevada

The sun-soaked city of North Las Vegas, Nevada, is famous for its entertainment and casinos, but it's also home to a thriving scrap metal industry. Whether you're a seller looking to profit from unused metal items or a buyer in search of valuable materials, North Las Vegas offers an active marketplace for scrap metal transactions. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of selling and buying scrap metal, introduce you to a couple of prominent scrap yards in the area, and discuss North Las Vegas's position in the broader scrap metal market within the United States.

The Process of Selling Scrap Metal

  1. Gather Your Scrap: Start your scrap metal journey by collecting various metal items, such as old appliances, automotive parts, or construction materials. Organize your metals by type, distinguishing between ferrous (iron-based) and non-ferrous metals (e.g., aluminum, copper, brass) for better pricing.
  2. Identify the Metal Types: Recognize the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as scrap yards typically offer higher prices for non-ferrous metals.
  3. Find a Local Scrap Yard: North Las Vegas hosts several reputable scrap yards, including Nevada Recycling and United Metals. These facilities welcome a wide range of scrap metals and provide competitive rates based on market conditions.
  4. Prepare Your Scrap: Before heading to the scrap yard, clean and sort your scrap metal by removing any non-metal materials, like plastics or rubber, which might reduce its value. Be sure to carry a valid identification, as some scrap yards may require it.
  5. Request a Quote: Contact your chosen scrap yard in advance to obtain a preliminary quote for your materials. Scrap metal prices can fluctuate daily, so this step helps you set expectations.
  6. Transportation: Load your scrap metal into your vehicle and secure it safely for transport. Most scrap yards have designated unloading areas for your convenience.
  7. Weighing and Payment: Upon arrival at the scrap yard, your materials will be weighed, and you'll receive payment based on the type and weight of the metal. Typically, payment is made immediately in cash or check.

The Process of Buying Scrap Metal

  1. Assess Your Requirements: Determine the specific type and quantity of scrap metal you need for your project, business, or creative endeavors.
  2. Research Scrap Yards: Explore local scrap yards in North Las Vegas that offer the type of metal you're seeking. You can utilize online directories, read reviews, or ask for recommendations from local businesses.
  3. Visit the Scrap Yard: Head to your selected scrap yard to inspect the available metal and negotiate the price. Always inquire about any minimum purchase requirements or special offers.
  4. Arrange Transportation: Once you've made your purchase, make arrangements to transport your scrap metal to your intended location securely.

North Las Vegas's Role in the Scrap Metal Market

While North Las Vegas may not be as prominent in the scrap metal market as major cities like Los Angeles or Chicago, it offers a thriving marketplace due to its strategic location, industrial activities, and proximity to major markets in the southwestern United States. The state of Nevada has also made substantial progress in promoting sustainability and recycling, which further strengthens the scrap metal industry in the region.


North Las Vegas, Nevada, provides a favorable environment for individuals and businesses to participate in the scrap metal trade. By following the recommended steps and collaborating with local scrap yards, you can efficiently engage in the scrap metal trading community while contributing to the city's recycling initiatives. Whether you're looking to sell scrap metal for extra income or buy materials for your projects, North Las Vegas's dynamic scrap metal scene offers numerous opportunities to fulfill your needs. So, gather your scrap metal, connect with a local scrap yard, and become part of North Las Vegas's thriving scrap metal community.

Scrap Copper Prices in Nevada, North Las Vegas

Price per Pound
Bare Bright Copper >99%
$3.01 - $3.33
Copper 1 96-98%
$2.5 - $2.76
Copper 2 94-96%
$2.46 - $2.72
Copper 3 88-90%
$2.35 - $2.6
Copper Radiators
$1.25 - $1.38
Copper Yokes
$0.34 - $0.38
Copper Transformers
$0.23 - $0.25

Price per Pound
Insulated Cable 1 (250-750MCM)
$2.29 - $2.53
Insulated Cable 2
$1.37 - $1.52
Insulated Wire 1 (Romex)
$1.19 - $1.32
Household Insulated Wire 2
$0.55 - $0.61
Computer Wire
$0.41 - $0.46
Christmas Lights
$0.16 - $0.18

Scrap Battery Prices in Nevada, North Las Vegas

Price per Pound
PB Battery
$0.22 - $0.24

Scrap Catalytic Converter Prices in Nevada, North Las Vegas

Price per Item
XL Foreign Cat
$389.77 - $430.8
Large Foreign Cat
$201.82 - $223.06
Medium Foreign Cat
$158.52 - $175.2
Small Foreign Cat
$113.37 - $125.31
Foreign Pre-Cat
$54.26 - $59.98
High Grade Domestic Cat
$172.88 - $191.08
Regular Domestic Cat
$89.05 - $98.43
Small Domestic Cat
$58.66 - $64.84
Pre-Domestic Cat
$38.05 - $42.05
Large GM Cat
$182.88 - $202.14
Small GM Cat
$112.19 - $123.99

Scrap Iron Prices in Nevada, North Las Vegas

Price per Pound
Cast Iron
$0.1 - $0.11
Light Iron
$0.05 - $0.05

Scrap Lead Prices in Nevada, North Las Vegas

Price per Pound
$0.59 - $0.65
Lead Wheel Weights
$0.09 - $0.1

Scrap Steel Prices in Nevada, North Las Vegas

Price per Pound
316 Stainless Steel
$0.48 - $0.53
304 Stainless Steel
$0.41 - $0.45

Scrap Aluminium Prices in Nevada, North Las Vegas

Price per Pound
Aluminium Wire Clean
$0.6 - $0.66
Aluminium Rims
$0.47 - $0.52
Aluminium Siding
$0.37 - $0.41
Cast Aluminium
$0.39 - $0.43
Sheet Aluminium
$0.36 - $0.4
Aluminium Turnings
$0.24 - $0.26
Dirty Aluminium (Irony)
$0.11 - $0.13
Aluminium Transformers
$0.04 - $0.05

Scrap Brass Prices in Nevada, North Las Vegas

Price per Pound
Red Brass
$1.87 - $2.07
Yellow Brass
$1.55 - $1.72
Brass Radiators
$1.58 - $1.75
Dirty Brass Faucets
$0.51 - $0.57