10 Scrap yards that Picks up scrap metals for free

Searching for the scrap yards that picks up scrap metals for free can be quite challenging but possible. Although the logistics of picking up your old scrap metals and appliances far outshines the benefits, you can still find scrap yards in the US that can collect your scrap for free and this guide explains it all!

How do Scrap yards make work?

You may be curious as to how scrap yards operate, what steps are involved in recycling scrap metal, what to expect when visiting a scrap yard, and what happens after you leave. Here are some general guidelines and things to keep in mind when going to a scrap yard.

We all use appliances that contain metals. Among the many metals are aluminum and copper, as well as steel, iron, brass, and stainless steel. Other customers of scrapyards include homeowners who have recently renovated their bathrooms or kitchens and have materials like appliances, pipes, wires, and other metal-containing items to dispose of.

Many of these businesses use small dump trucks with a single or few employees to go door-to-door collecting “junk” from residences, businesses, and other establishments. In many cases, these “scrappers” have materials that must be taken to both a scrap yard and a local dump.

In order to process materials and send them to the mills to be turned into new metal products, scrap yards buy metals from the private sector (businesses), government (governments), and public (contractors/homeowners). The price of metals is influenced by the weight of the material and the current market price, which we’ll discuss in greater detail later.

In general, scrap yards accept ferrous, non-ferrous, and “e-scrap” metals, which can be broken down into the following categories: Metallic elements with a ferromagnetic ion configuration include steel, iron, and the aforementioned Cast Iron. A magnet is always attracted to ferrous metals, which is why they tend to be less valuable than non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals, on the other hand, are largely non-magnetic and therefore more expensive.

Copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel (non-magnetic), and bronze are just a few of the metals that fall into this category. The precious metals gold, silver, and platinum can be found in e-scrap metals, which are derived from, you guessed it, electronics. Power Supplies, circuit boards, hard drives, and computer towers are just some of the places where these materials are found. Our metal guide lists all of the common metals that are sold and recycled at scrapyards.

10 Scrap Yards that pick up scrap metals for free

  1. Henry’s junk removal and hauling: Pasadena, CA 91103
  2. Sontero Junk removal: 7741 Burret ave, Van Nuyll, CA 9140S
  3. Junk King, Los Angeles: 2660 Pacific park Dr, Whitter, CA 90601
  4. Jeffs hauling and junk removal: Torrance, CA 90510
  5. A junk-free planet: 3222 Honolulu ave, la Crescenta, CA 91214
  6. Omar’s hauling: Woodland Hills, CA 91396
  7. W’S metal recycling center: 1714 E 55th st, Vennon, CA 90058
  8. Ultimate Players: Alhambra, CA 91802
  9. Taylor metals and scrap: Los Angeles, CA 91324
  10. V & S Junk and trash removal: Palmdale, CA 93550.


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Elle Jones
4 months ago

You made a great point on how scrap yards purchase metals from the private sector (companies), the public (governments), and contractors/homeowners to process materials and transport them to the mills to be transformed into new metal goods. The weight of the material and the current market price have an impact on metal prices. There are lots of scrap metals in the recently built business building owned by my friend’s father. I advise my friend to sell it to a junkyard to get some money. I appreciate this.

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