Where to Sell No Title Junk cars in the US

Have you been looking for where to sell no title junk cars in the US?

A car title is a certificate or document legally given to the owner of a vehicle to prove ownership. However, things may happen and you could lose the car title. Don’t give up; you can still sell your old cars for junk in the US.

But note that not all junkyards accept cars without titles which is why this guide is here. This is a detailed post on where to sell no title junk cars for cash in the US as well as tips to be successful in the process.

How to sell your no title cars for cash in the US

1. Sell by parts

There are automobile experts who deal with recycling of cars and vehicles and as a result depend on spare parts. You can get cash for even your no title junk car by breaking and selling them by parts.

Make research and get all the valuable parts that buyers love when purchasing spare parts. But mind you, the process requires some technical know-how on the mechanism of car functions before breaking your car into parts.

2. Selling Tyres

Another way to sell your no title junk cars for cash in the US is by selling the tires. There are numerous people who buy fairly used tires for use and they are potential prospects for you. Ensure you clean them before putting them on sale; this will increase its attractiveness towards buyers.

When you lose the normal car title for your car, and want to sell it as scrap, you will need its VIN number which is below the window on the driver side or driver door somewhere at the frame. These junk car buyers will then verify your ownership using the VIN on the DMV to ensure no lien holders. However, this process costs more and will therefore reduce the scrap car price you get.

Where to sell no title junk cars for cash in the US

  1. Sell us your car AZ, Arizona: 3013 S 44th street, Phoeniz, AZ 85040, United states.
  2. Junk cars for cash st. Louis, Missouri: 3448 Morgan Ford Road, St. Louis, MO 63116, United states.
  3. Houston junk car buyers
  4. GC’s junk cars: 333 Alabama st suite, 350-3326, Indianapolis, IN 46204, United states.
  5. Cash for junk cars LLC, Chicago
  6. Pro tow cash for junk cars, North Carolina: 6810 Albemarle rd, 57, CHarlotte, NC 28212, United states.

How Much is your junk car worth?

Have you ever wondered “how much will your junk car cost?” Probably not as much as you’d expect. Scrapping a car today isn’t as lucrative as it was in the past, and the figure is always changing. Selling an automobile locally on a classified website or in the newspaper is usually more profitable than scrapping it.

Around the time the internet began to take off, the value of scrap metal was substantially higher. People were tossing out all kinds of old, broken-down vehicles because they had no idea that anyone else was interested in them. In the US, antique foreign automobiles like old Audis and Volkswagens are rare because they broke down, were difficult to fix, and were finally sold for scrap when metal prices rose.

For a whole car, the scrap car value is currently $125 per ton. In the “Complete Car” section a few lines down, you’ll see a current average. Since most cars are 1.5 to 2 tons, you can expect to make between $175 and $250 by selling your vehicle for scrap. Make sure the automobile you’re scrapping has a lot of weight before expecting to make a lot of money.

Check your local scrap values before you decide to junk your car because scrap prices vary from state to state and even county to county.

Conclusion on where to sell no title junk cars in the US

Car titles are super important for scrapping old vehicles. A junk yard cannot just find an abandoned vehicle on the sideway and dismantle it for cash; they would need the car title. However, what do you do when you’re the legit owner of car and have misplaced the car title? How do you scrap it for cash? In this guide, we have given where to sell no title junk cars in the US and how you can go about it.


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