Cape Town Scrap Metal Prices per Kilo | South Africa

As one of the most picturesque cities in South Africa, Cape Town is known for its iconic Table Mountain, bustling harbour, and vibrant cultural scenes. However, it’s also home to a thriving scrap metal industry. This article will shed light on the current scrap metal prices in Cape Town, covering various metals such as copper, aluminium, steel, iron, and brass.

Finding the Current Scrap Metal Prices in Cape Town

To find the current scrap metal prices in Cape Town, one can approach local scrapyards or recycling centres. These establishments usually have up-to-date pricing information reflecting international market trends and local supply-demand conditions. Online resources like the London Metal Exchange can also be helpful in providing a global overview of scrap metal prices. However, regional prices may vary due to factors like transportation costs and the quality of scrap metal.

Scrap Copper Prices in Cape Town

Copper is a valuable scrap metal because of its widespread use in electrical components, plumbing, and heating systems. In Cape Town, prices for scrap copper tend to range between R80 and R100 per kilogram, varying according to the quality and condition of the scrap.

Scrap Aluminium Prices in Cape Town

Aluminium scrap is also in high demand, given its light weight and resistance to rust, which makes it useful in industries like construction and packaging. In Cape Town, prices for scrap aluminium typically range between R10 and R20 per kilogram.

Scrap Steel Prices in Cape Town

Steel, being the most recycled material globally, commands good prices in the scrap market. Prices for scrap steel in Cape Town generally lie between R1.5 and R3 per kilogram. Stainless steel, recognised for its corrosion resistance and durability, often fetches a higher price.

Scrap Iron Prices in Cape Town

Iron, another important player in the scrap metal market, fetches prices typically ranging between R1 and R2 per kilogram in Cape Town, dependent on the iron scrap’s quality.

Scrap Brass Prices in Cape Town

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is prized for its corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal. The price for scrap brass in Cape Town usually falls between R50 and R70 per kilogram, depending on the scrap’s condition and quality.

For easy reference, here’s a table of the top 20 scrap metal types and their estimated prices in Cape Town:

Scrap Metal TypeEstimated Price Range (Rands per kilogram)
1. Copper #1R80 – R100
2. Copper #2R70 – R90
3. Copper WireR60 – R80
4. BrassR50 – R70
5. Aluminium CansR4 – R6
6. Aluminium SheetsR12 – R17
7. Aluminium SidingR10 – R15
8. Stainless SteelR15 – R20
9. IronR1 – R2
10. Cast IronR2 – R3
11. LeadR18 – R23
12. ZincR10 – R15
13. BronzeR50 – R60
14. TinR8 – R12
15. Steel #1R2.5 – R3
16. Steel #2R1.5 – R2.5
17. Car BatteriesR12 – R22
18. RadiatorsR10 – R15
19. Insulated Copper WireR25 – R45
20. E-Waste (Electronics)R5 – R15

It’s essential to remember that these prices are estimates and can vary. To get the most accurate and current scrap metal prices in Cape Town, it’s best to contact local scrapyards or recycling facilities.

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1 year ago

Hi how much is cans

Andre Johnson
10 months ago
Reply to  Llewellen

I wanna start my own business that’s why I need to know the best prices paid for aluminium cans places were I can sell in Cape Town

1 year ago

Good day. I have a couple of Royal batteries for recycling. Where is best to sell them? Thanks

1 year ago

Good day. I am in Capetown area and have a couple of Royal batteries for recycling. Where is best to sell in Capetown? Thanks

Nicoline Wagener
Nicoline Wagener
9 months ago

Hi, I have a copper fireplace shield that I would like to sell as scrap. Please could you let me know how to get it to you or do you have representatives collecting from different areas? We are in Capri Village which is near Fish Hoek and Sunvalley.

8 months ago

your advertise, but no contact number, how do you do business?
Johan, 0824591634

Ben Kirschbaum
Ben Kirschbaum
5 months ago

Who are the people offering these prices? If you call scrap dealers they are only offering a fraction of your listed prices???

5 months ago

I want to know what the price is per kg for car batteries and what your address is please.

3 months ago

Come on guys the site is a guideline of estimated prices per kilo across South Africa,🤣🤣🤣