Cairns Scrap Metal and Copper Prices per Kilo

Cairns Scrap Metal Prices per Kilo

Our site provides you with the latest scrap metal prices and copper per pound in Cairns for a range of different types of valuable materials, including various forms of; copper, steel, aluminium, iron, brass, lead and for other forms of recyclable scrap such as junk cars, car batteries, aluminium cans and copper wire too.

Scrap metal recycling is an important economic and environmentally sustainable activity across the globe. In Cairns, a city in the far north of Queensland, Australia, there is a significant demand for scrap metal. This article provides detailed information on the current scrap metal prices in Cairns, including insights on copper, aluminium, steel, iron, and brass.

Finding the Current Scrap Metal Prices in Cairns

To find the current scrap metal prices in Cairns, one can utilise several trustworthy resources. Local scrapyards and recycling centres often provide the most up-to-date prices, as they closely monitor local market conditions. As scrap metal prices vary due to global market trends, local demand, and the quality of the scrap, it’s advisable to directly contact these facilities or visit their websites for the most accurate data.

Additionally, you can refer to international benchmark prices for scrap metal on platforms such as the London Metal Exchange and various commodity trading websites. However, remember that these prices may not exactly reflect the local prices in Cairns due to factors like transportation costs and local supply-demand dynamics.

Scrap Copper Prices in Cairns

Copper is a highly sought-after scrap metal due to its extensive usage in industries like electronics, plumbing, and electrical wiring. The high demand for scrap copper in Cairns contributes to favourable prices.

Currently, scrap copper prices in Cairns fluctuate between approximately AUD 6.85 – AUD 9.85 per kilogram, depending on the quality and type of the copper scrap. Clean, unalloyed copper usually fetches the highest prices, while mixed or contaminated copper may be priced lower.

Scrap Aluminium Prices in Cairns

Aluminium, recognised for its lightweight properties and resistance to corrosion, is widely used in industries such as automotive and construction. The ongoing demand for recycled aluminium in Cairns ensures a robust market for this metal.

Although aluminium prices are generally lower than copper due to its abundant supply and lower production cost, they remain steady. The current average price ranges from AUD 0.72 – AUD 1.02 per kilogram. However, certain types of aluminium scrap, such as extruded aluminium, can fetch higher prices.

Scrap Steel Prices in Cairns

Steel is one of the most recycled metals worldwide due to its widespread use in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation. In Cairns, the demand for scrap steel is significant, driven by continuous infrastructure development and industrial growth.

Scrap steel prices in Cairns typically range from AUD 0.14 – AUD 0.23 per kilogram. The price can significantly vary depending on the type and quality of the steel. For instance, stainless steel, known for its high resistance to rust and corrosion, usually commands a higher price.

Scrap Iron Prices in Cairns

Iron, a key component in many industrial applications, maintains a steady demand in the scrap metal market. In Cairns, scrap iron prices often align with steel prices, given that steel is primarily made of iron.

On average, scrap iron prices in Cairns range from AUD 0.12 – AUD 0.21 per kilogram. Factors such as the form of the scrap (cast iron, wrought iron, etc.) and its contamination level can influence the exact pricing. Moreover, larger quantities of iron scrap may secure better rates due to economies of scale.

Scrap Brass Prices in Cairns

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is valued for its aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in fixtures, fittings, and musical instruments. The demand for scrap brass is consistently high in Cairns, particularly in the construction and home renovation sectors.

The current rate for scrap brass in Cairns varies between AUD 4.35 – AUD 5.35 per kilogram. The exact price can be influenced by factors such as the quality, quantity, and form of the brass scrap. Clean, pure brass usually fetches a higher price.

Top 20 Scrap Metal Types and Estimated Prices in Cairns

Scrap Metal TypeEstimated Price Per Kilogram (AUD)
Copper – #19.85
Copper – #28.85
Copper Wire8.45
Aluminium – Extruded1.02
Aluminium – Mixed0.72
Stainless Steel – 3041.45
Stainless Steel – 3162.15
Steel – Heavy Melt0.23
Steel – Light Iron0.14
Brass – Yellow5.35
Brass – Red4.75
Iron – Cast0.21
Iron – Wrought0.18
Lead – Soft2.15
Lead – Wheel Weights0.95
Zinc – Old0.88
Zinc – New1.15
Nickel – 3048.95
Nickel – 31610.95
Car Batteries0.58

Please note that these prices are estimated and can fluctify based on the current market conditions and the quality of the scrap metal.

In conclusion, the scrap metal recycling industry in Cairns is dynamic, influenced by various local and global factors. By staying informed and maintaining strong relationships with local scrapyards, businesses, and individuals can maximise their returns from scrap metal recycling while contributing to environmental sustainability.

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Bronte Dickson
Bronte Dickson
1 year ago

I have a 30 year old water heater which I have replaced with a new one. I’m wondering if you or you know of someone else who may be interested in it. The plumber said it has copper in it.

10 months ago

Hi we have garage doors, and lawn roller( solid iron) and old safe.
Would please can you correct them? I don’t want money. Thanks Naomi

Saleh Hojjati
Saleh Hojjati
10 months ago

Hi all,
I am looking for a metal scrap buyer in PNG. please feel free to contact me.