Recycling Brass Shell Casings: An Ultimate Guide

Recycling brass shell casings is one of the ways to get rid of old and unwanted ammunition. Gun bullets and their casing are considered to be dangerous and explosive and shouldn’t be dumped carelessly.

So how do you eliminate your old ammunition without causing harm to the environment or inducing hazards? This article explains how to get rid of brass shell casings including the methods to recycle them.

What is Brass Shell Casings?

If you’re a gun enthusiast, you would likely have lots of bullets for use. Brass casing refers to the part of your ammunition containing the primer and propellant powder that is used to shoot the bullet out.

It is the casing that houses and holds all the gun components together. The casings are manufactured with different materials like copper, steel, brass, etc.

The Need to Dispose Brass Shell Casings Properly

There are many consequences of ammunition to health and environment. When you leave unwanted or unused ammunition, it can trigger an explosion and environmental hazard. For example, the lead component can pollute water causing different diseases like kidney problems and anemia when you drink them. Furthermore, leaving it around the house poses a huge risk for family members to get hurt.

All of these point out that bullet casings are dangerous and need to be disposed of carefully. The best way to avoid such problems is to get rid do the casings by following any of the steps explained below.

How to Dispose of Brass Shell Casings

Have you ever asked “what do I do with empty shell casings?” here are the different ways to remove the casing from your environment:

1. Inform your Police

Local police are people in the best position to handle your unwanted or old ammunition. This option is best if you have small amounts of bullets. When you call their service, they’d send an officer to your location to pick them up.

However, ensure to reach out to them before going to know if they accept your bullet casings. Even if they decide not to, they’d also be in the best position to inform you of the best practices for disposing of it.

2. Dispose of at a Gun Range

Gun ranges, an avenue for firearm usage, qualifications, and skill preparation is another choice for recycling brass shell casings. Some ranges will collect your ammunition when it is in small quantity. Ensure to make research to know the gun ranges around you. Also, make inquiries to know if they accept ammunition.

3. Recycling Brass Shell Casings

Scrap metal yards are places where metals and junk are collected and recycled into materials for manufacturing industries. They’re also a good spot in eliminating your brass shell casings. When you contact the services of a scrap yard, they’d inspect, quote, and pay your cash for it.

4. Local waste management centers

Your local waste management centers offer brilliant services in reducing land pollution from streets and communities. They can also help you get rid of your old bullet casings. Ensure to contact them beforehand so they’d inform you of the best places to get rid of the ammunition.

Tips when Recycling Brass Shell Casings

Scrap yards will pay you cash for your old brass shell casings. However, the value depends on several factors like the market demand, current scrap metal prices, and conditions. Here are some tips to know before hitting the yard;

1. Remove the Brass Casings

Bullets of recent designs are a one system consisting of the brass casing, gun powder, projectile, and primer. It is best to isolate the part scrap metals want from other components. You can do this separation using a kinetic puller which will disassemble it into parts. Now you can gather all the casings singly to sell as scrap.

2. Do thorough cleaning on the casings

Gun powder, casing, and the bullet wholly are considered a potential hazard that is unacceptable by some recycling companies. Any contact that the powder makes with the casing can cause unexpected hazards. For this reason, scrap yards do not accept casings with gun powder on their surface.

Another tip when recycling brass shell casings is to thoroughly clean them to remove any trace of gun powder that might still be present after disassembling the bullet.

3. Arrange the Brass casings

There are different types of brass casings depending on the gun model. To save yourself more cash during selling to a yard, it is advisable to sort them well. For example, some types contain brass only while others are mixed with plastic. You should be able to gather casings of the same type together before contacting a scrapyard.

What are Brass Shell Casings worth?

The average price of recycling brass shell casings scrap is $1.7 per pound. It can go as high as $2.5/pound or low as $0.30/pound depending on the place of purchase, market demand and the current scrap metal prices in the US.

Can you reuse brass shell casings?

The casings can be reused if cleaned properly. But it is not advisable because it presents a potential hazard to man and the environment generally.

Endnote on recycling brass shell casings

Do not leave your old ammunition in your environment and no, don’t also throw them into the trash bin. You can recycle brass shell casings the right way without causing a hazard by following the tips explained above.


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